M42 M2 DM05 корпус пилы из быстрорежущей стали для циркулярной пилы высокоскоростные стальные лезвия для резки нержавеющей стали (1938388772)

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Product Overview


M42 M2 DM05 saw body HSS circular saw blade high speed steel blades for cutting stainless steel




Product Description

Apply mechanical: Pipe cutter, Metal circular saw machine, pipe processing machinery, sawing machine, milling machine etc. 

Application: Common high speed steel saw blade is mainly used for steel, iron, copper, aluminum and other metal materials under hard narrow and deep channel processing or cut off. 


Quality: we have different quality grades for the different market,the detail as below:



 Metal-cutting circular saw blades market with the label shown above have a surface hardened by titanium nitride coating.Tin-coated metal-cutting circular saw s can provide significantly longer edge life -- Economic Grade



The metal cutting circular saw blades marked saw blades marked wirh the label shown above are covered with an oxidecoating applied in a special vaporization process,steam-treated metal cutting circular saw blades also feature good sliding abiliry and material welding is avoided to a large extent---- Economic Grade



Chrome Nitride Coating: with "fantastic color" the chrome nitride coating is of higher durability in cutting all alloy steels or stainless steel materials compared with the TIN coating,and it is capable of reducing the resistance under the high-speed movement and thus to prolong the usage life of the saw blade as well as maintain the stability of the machine under long-term movement-- Professional  Grade



Metal cutting circular saw blade have the top-performance coating,long cutting life and good  perfect cutting quality.- Industrial Grade.


Some common tooth shape for HSS saw blade


    1.jpg  Straight Tooth


2.jpg  Straight Bevel:Normal for<3mm pitch

  3.jpg  Curved Tooth:Normal for >3mm pitch

4.jpg  Curved Bevel:Thin wall steel tubes 3 or 4mm pitch

   5.jpg Triple Chip:General purpose for steel >4mm pitch


Some models(100% in-kind shooting)











Trouble shooting

blemPossible CausesSolution
BurrTooth pitch is too largeAdjusting teeth pitch
Saw tooth are with abrasionGrinding saw teeth

Too much scraps

produced between

saw teeth

Tooth pitch is too smallAdjusting teeth pitch
Tooth form is incorrectRe-hobbing saw tooth
Sawing speed is too highAdjusting sawing speed
Saw blade cracked         Cutting speed is too highadjusting the cutting speed 
 feeding speed is too highadjusting the feeding speed 
 feeding speed of the saw blade is not stable enough adjusting the feeding speed of the saw blade
 saw blade is not firmly clamped checking the flange
 work piece is not firmly clamped checking the clamp
 tooth pitch is too large or too small adjusting tooth pitch
 ubricant or cooling oil is absent or insufficient checking the machine
 the tubing welded joint uneven replacement tubing



Company Information

We are a professional manufacturer of TCT circular saw blades and HSS saw blade here in China, with more than 10 years experience and skillful workers, the ideal supplier for DIY users and professional users.


Our Services

What we can do for you

***Your inquiry will be reply within 24 hours

***OEM service accept---Stick labels and mark logo as per your requirements

***You let us know the cutting material's detail and the way you cut,we can design that special saw blade for you

***In most cases,sample can be produce or supply even 1pcs.

***We supply mainly three quality grade saw blade for different users-DIY user, professional user and Industry user. No matter which quality grade saw blade you are looking for,your requirement can be meet in here


Q:What is your delivery time?

A:Around 7-10 working days for sample,in most cases,the delivery time depond on which specification you order,usually it is 10-45 working days.

Q:What is your payment terms?

A:T/T:30% deposit by T/T in advance,balance before shipment. L/C:30% deposit by T/T in advance,balance by L/C at sight. Small order you can pay via Paypal, Aliexpress and Western Union.

Q:what is your MOQ?

A:in most cases,we can supply even 1PCS.but for some special specifications we will require the MOQ according to actual condition

Q:What is your warranty for your products?

A: As we all know,saw blade is tool, In addition to its quality ,there are many  factors will affect its life ,if unfortunately, that bad thing happen, please contact us ASAP. we will try our best to solve your problem ASAP.

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