environmental Polycarbonate honeycomb core for yacht material

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Product Overview


pp honeycomb core
  • polypropylene honeycomb core with non woven surface





  * 1)   strong:  compress strength 2Mpa
 * 2)   light: common density is 80 Kg per cubic meter (could make to client order)

  *3)   different cell size: common diameter is 8mm and 10mm, special demand could discuss

          size: 1220*2440mm or 1150*2300mm, Max 1200*4000mm, Max width 1500mm

          thickness: 5mm-60mm,   special size discuss
  *4)   surface non woven: 30/40/60 g per sqm could choose

 * 5)   Waterproof
 * 6)   Corrosion Resisting
 * 7)   Anti-vibrant

  *8)   Anti-aging / Durable
 * 9)   Convenient / Flexible Installation
 *10)  non toxic,  Environmental  Protection, recyclable

 *11)  Easy to process: Insert parts, pre-cut hole & window etc






♠  structural core material for sandwich panels

♠  core material in van wall, dry container boxes,truckbody, under floor for noisy reducting

♠  in pools building and its around ground surface and cover

♠  as inserts material for door for furniture for twin wall etc.

♠  it is a good material in boat building for yacht for big ship in its cabin, uper instruction etc.

♠  boxes of water for holding water

♠  packing material,light weight and better protection for cargoes




polypropylene honeycomb core\\'s specifications


 PP honeycombcore without surface the cell is open








PP honeycomb panel (plastic PP sandwich panel)(building material)


Specifications :


             PP6   (Cellcore diameter is 6mm)*        


PP8   (Cellcore diameter is 8mm)*


             PP10   (Cellcore diameter is 10mm)*


             PP12   (Cellcore diameter is 12mm)*


PP honeycomb panel can be supplied with both sides laminated with non-woven polyester tissue in either 40g/ m² or 60g/m², then clients can combine honeycomb with different panels easily .




pp honeycomb core is an excellent material for sandwich construction.


Its polyester non-woven surface is easy to be bonded and fit for most kinds of surface sheet.




Resin forced PP honeycomb panel can cut down body weight, increase speed, save energy widely used in boat, yacht, port, truck body etc.




PP honeycomb sandwich core has a polyester tissue laying resin and get a better bonding fast and easily.




Now we can provide cell sizes of 6mm/8mm/10mm/12mm.




T40, that is, tissue is 40g/square meter , T40 can prohibit as little as epoxy resin or glue leaking into cellcore.




T40F, that is, tissue is 40g/square meter with PP film , which makes honeycomb combined with tissue so tightly that it can save more glue when it is processed for FRP sandwich honeycomb structures.




T60, that is, tissue is 60g/square meter , T60 can prohibit as little as epoxy resin or glue leaking into cellcore so client can save resin.




T60F means tissue is 60g/square meter with PP film ,T60F makes honeycomb combined with tissue so tightly that honeycomb with T60F can be put into application without other panels.




Light weight, high compressive strength, anti-water, anti-humidity honeycomb can be used as structures in floor, ceiling, wall. Besides, PP honeycomb can cut down body weight, increase speed, save energy when honeycomb structures make guarantee for body strength, reinforce our PP honeycomb widely used in boat, yacht, port, bridge, truck body , and FRP sandwich honeycomb producing etc.




Max. length is 3100mm and we welcome friends from all over the world inquiry our plastic honeycomb.





PC honeycomb holds following characteristics, and brings widely application in different projects and fields.




PC honeycomb has many different kinds, and clients can choose from the excellent properties :


1.Cellcore uniformity, inside smoothness, cleanness, surface level off;


2.PC being safe for using as airflow in showcase;


3.Lower shrink rate when temperature drop to -30 degree.






PC honeycomb can be applied in the window to save energy consumption, and the window installed with transparent PC honeycomb can lessen heat loss up to 80% than common windows;




PC honeycomb can be directly applied in the farm glasshouse;




PC honeycomb can also be applied in the solar heating, warming and drying.




Built-in Collecting and storing solar energy heaters with PC honeycomb run in low or high sunshine efficiency is better than vacuum heater. Solar heater with PC honeycomb run stable in winter and price is cheaper than vacuum heater, easy to match to building roof.




The honeycomb exhibits a unique cell structure. The core has 3 orientations vs. the 2 orientations common with other honeycomb, making its properties more uniform. Each cell has a tubular form and is inherently stable.




PC honeycomb is specially three dimensional structure, so it's more steady and equilibrium than other two dimensional honeycomb structure. PC honeycomb core stand by tightly to provide excellent compressive strength, besides PC honeycomb holds following characteristics, so that bring widely application in different project and fields.


-- Lightweight stiffness strength


-- Insulated


-- Fire resistant


-- Corrosion resistant


-- Fungi resistant


-- Energy absorption    


-- Excellent dielectric properties


-- Good thermal and electric insulator  


-- temperature -40 + 110 Celsius degree


-- Available transparent and in colors




PC Semi-manufactured products:


PC honeycomb, Max sheet length *Max sheet width is 3.0x1.5, meters, and normal size is 2.44*1.22m, thickness of 6mm ~ 300mm, Other size panels can also be taken into account according to your request. *






Light Weight


High strength to Weight Ratio




Moisture ,Chemical, Corrosion, Smoke , and Fire Fungi Resistant


Conductive grades available*




Recyclable and Environment-Friendly


No Pollution






Available cellcore diameter: 3mm---8mm


Common dimension: 1220x2400mm


Thickness: 2mm---400mm   Tolerance:+/-0.5mm


Specific dimension, cellcore , color, tolerance, shape can be made according to clients’ request.





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