Bio Fermenter & Bioreactor

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Product Overview


Function Description:


This bioreactor adopts top mechanical agitation system, the rotate speed can be adjustable. Parameters of temperature, PH, DO, feed, foam, etc. can be automatically controlled, recorded, stored and printed. It has excellent stability and it is convenient to operate.



This bioreactor is suitable for all kinds of microbiology lab, pilot and industrial scale fermentation, such as animal vaccine, antibiotics, probiotics, amino acids, yeast, enzyme, lactic acids, organic acids, vitamins, bacillus bacteria, fungus, etc.

Technical Parameters:


Pressure rating

Working pressure inside vessel: 0.2Mpa

Design pressure inside vessel: 0.25Mpa

Working pressure inside jacket: 0.3Mpa

Design pressure inside jacket: 0.35Mpa


Cylindrical with bottom dished head


1. Top mechanical agitator from SEW brand

2. Speed range: 50-400rpm

3. Two Rushton Disc Turbine, 6 blades, SS316L

4. One layer for foam breaker

5. Single end mechanical seal


Floor type

Nozzles & dimension

Please refer to the drawings

Design & fabrication standard

Vessel is designed and fabricated according to GB150-2011

Material & surface finish


1. Material contacting parts adopt SS316L, other parts adopt SS304

2. Stainless steel surface finish: inside surface is 0.28-0.4um by mechanical polishing, outside surface is 0.4-0.8 um by satin finish

Gasket /O-ring



Process piping & frame

1. Material contacting parts adopt SS316L, other parts adopt SS304

2. Piping inside surface is eletropolished. Outside is satin polished. Argon arc welding.

3. With diaphragm valve, circulation pump, rotor meter,  check valve, filters, etc.


1. With SS316L filter housing

2. With PALL filter cartridge

3. With glass rotor meter to display airflow

4. Include pneumatic valve for flow rate adjusting

5. Normal pressure gauge on the filter housing

6. Condensate drain


1. With SS316L filter housing

2. With PALL filter cartridge

3. With pneumatic valve and pressure gauge to adjust

4. Normal pressure gauge on the filter housing

Thermal circuit

With electric heater and circulating pump, temperature gauge, and all required valves to be connected to water supply.

Peristaltic pump

Four peristaltic pumps per vessel that signable to function for acid/alkali, anti-foam and nutrient feeding. Automatic or manual control.

Reagent bottles

4 glass bottles with screw-on cap and pall small filter.


Mode of sterilization

Can be SIP when connecting steam

Empty vessel sterilization and full vessel sterilization

Automatically sterilization with GEMU diaphragm valve


Control cabinet

SS304 stainless steel, fine polished

Siemens 10.4 inch touch screen.  

Siemens PLC

Ritai fermentation system, English language.

Local control system, this system mainly structured by PLC and colorful touch screen, can display and control muti process parameters such as PH, DO, temperature, rotate speed, feeding, etc.



Packaging & Shipping:


Packaging: plywood case                           Shipping: by sea or by air



Our Services:

We offer design, customization, manufacture, installation, and maintenance services, etc.



Company Information:

Shanghai Ritai Medicine Equipment Project Co., Ltd. mainly specializes in innovation and development of sanitary stainless steel pressure vessels, atmospheric pressure vessels, fermenters, valves and piping system which are widely used in the following fields, such as pharmacy, biology, chemistry, food and drinks industry.

Shanghai Ritai is qualified to design and manufacture pressure vessels with the certificates of ASME, PED 97/23/EC, NB, and ISO9001:2008







Frequently Asked Questions:


1.Where are your production locations?

    No.39, Xinjin Road, Qingpu District, Shanghai, 201712, China

2. List of your manufacturing machinery:

    Cutting machine, rolling machine, polishing machine, welding machine, detecting machine, etc.

3. How is the machinery servied and maintained?

     By professional engineer

4. Is measuring and inspection equipment continuously calibrated?


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