Authentic Mitutoyo thickness gauge 547 321 Standard type

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Mitutoyo 547-321

Made in Japan








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Established on March.27th 1963, Komatsu Kouki has been growing up over 50 years. As a trading company, we sell steel,tools and machines in Japan. And as the agency of OSG and Tungaloy, we provide the needs to society and customers and grow up together. The world is changing everyday, advance and diversification of needs are developing. In addition to quality, function, speed and price, the obligation of environmental problem and social responsibility becomes an important role of the enterprise. With providing the needs to society and customers, our company is evolving for a better future.

Sale of cutting tools, measuring tools, electric pneumatic tools, hydraulic tools, hydraulic machine, and hand tools etc.

Sale of machine tools, apparatus, and FA system etc.
Development, design, manufacture and sale of automatic apparatus and robot system.

Sale of general steel, special steel and processed goods of them.

Design and construction of scene industrial products.



Komatsukouki Co.,Ltd Japan

Company Information

1963 Komatsu Kouki was established
1963 The first steel warehouse was completed
1969 The second steel warehouse was completed
         Cutoff factory was completed
1978 Steel center(warehouse) was completed
1988 Steel center office was completed
1990 Steel center warehouse was increased
1992 New office building(head office)was completed
1995 Cutoff factory was increased in steel center
2000 Steel division steel center was concentrated
2005 MC factory was completed
2006 MC factory was increased
2008 MC factory was increased
2011 Joint venture was established in Changshu China
2012 The trade department arranged in head office,
         Import and export business has begun
2012 SE factory was completed

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We will use the best material for packaging and ship as customer's request.

Shipping Method(by sea or air, or by overseas courier such as DHL,FedEx, UPS, EMS etc.)









If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us, we will reply you quickly.

We wish you and your company have a nice future!

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