River Lake Jet 8 Inch Sand Dredger for Sale

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Product Overview


River Lake Jet 8 Inch Sand Dredger for Sale

Product Description

8 inch sand dredger is widely used to recover materials from great depths and can also extract sand from below a clay overburden which is also called jet sand suction dredger. 8 inch sand dredger is equipped with high pressure water pump and powerful sand suction pump. The water pump can produce high pressure high speed water jet to impact the bottom of sand layer and splashing the mixed sand around the suction head, and the sand suction pump conveys the sand to the destination through the discharge pipe.

OCEAN Pump brand river 8 inch sand dredger consists of dredge body, high efficiency wear resistant marine sand pump, high pressure water pump, famous brand diesel engine and discharge system. Our 8 inch sand dredger feature integrated design, high efficiency, good wear resistance, flexible operation, energy saving in the delivery of solid particles. Our river jet suction dredger is the most economic sand dredging equipment for loose fine sand in the water bottom. We can customize various small and medium river sand extraction dredgers for your demands.


8 inch sand dredger



1Dredge performanceSand capacity (cbm/hr)80-110130-260300-360360-390440-520
 2 Max. Discharge distance (m) 200-600 200-1000 200-1500 200-1800 200-2000
 3 Max. gravel diameter passing through (mm) 50-60 60-70 60-70 60-70 60-80
 4 Max. dreding depth (m) 15 15 15 20 20
5Dredge body Size (LxWxH) (mm) 8x1x1.5, 2 PCS 6×2.25×1.5, 1PCS8x1x1.5, 2 PCS 6×2.25×1.5, 1PCS 11.8×1.1×1.5, 2 PCS 8×2.25×1.8, 1PCS 18×1.1×1.5, 2 PCS18×1.1×1.5 2 PCS
6 Sand suction systerm Pump size (inch) 8/6 10/8 12/10 14/12 16/14
7 Pump flow (cbm/hr) 410-540 620-1450 1650-1800 1800-1950 2200-2600
 8 Pump head (m) 28-48 21-35 24-35 24-35 30-50
 9 Pump speed (rpm) 730-980 730 730 730 550-700
 10 Main engine power (KW) 132-156 180-250 250-300 300-410 410-460
 11 Gearbox Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
 12 Connect metal base Include Include Include Include Include
 13 High pressure water pumpjetting sand upjetting sand upjetting sand upjetting sand upjetting sand up
 14Electric power system Generatorelectric powerelectric powerelectric powerelectric powerelectric power
 15 Control system Control room YesYesYesYesYes
 16 Control boardYesYesYesYesYes
 17 Lifting appliance Electric winchYesYesYesYesYes
 18 Propeller equipment Propeller with enginemovementmovementmovementmovementmovement
 19 Other equipment Rubber suction hose, suction head, handrail, anchors, shelter, life jacket, etc.
 20Remark 1. Any data could be adjusted according to customers’ specific requirements.


2. Customized dredger acceptable according to requirements.

3. Engine power choose decided by dredger performance.

4. The work site situation will affect actual discharge distance, sand capacity, etc.

5. Above dredger size is not changeless, it could be adjusted according to specific circumstance.



1. Novel design, High efficient, large output, long discharge distance
2. High quality wear resistance and long serve life sand pump
3. Pumping depth reaches up to 20-30 meters underwater
4. jet suction dredger consists of multiple pontoons connected by proven coupling system
5. Highly efficient fuel consumption and minimum overall operational costs
6. Control box and instrument are mounted in ergonomic dash board
7. Low investment and good operating performance
8. Simple and fast assembly and disassembly, easy to operate
9. OEM, ODM, customization are available


1. River jet suction dredger applied to dredging revers, delisting lakes and ponds, reclaiming land, cleaning ports and pumping sand.

2. Widely used in rivers, lakes, reservior and seas for dredging. Especially suitable for exploiting seashore, clearing port and pier with energy saving.

Successful cases

Our Ghana customer wanted to order a 8 inch sand dredger to suck the fine sand from a small river. There were no big stones or gravels in the river. The dredging depth was around 5-10 meters, and they required 100 m ³ sand per hour, the discharge distance was 500-800 meters. According to these data, we chose a dredge machinery specification for customer. We recommended OCEAN PUMP 200 PNS -30 high efficiency wear resistant marine sand pump to be equipped into the river sand extraction dredger, the sand pump was driven by Yuchai 162 KW diesel engine. As the dredging depth was not very deep, we chose manual hoist instead of electric winch to lift the sand suction rubber hose in front of the river sand extraction dredger. The high pressure water pump and anchor winch were both driven by diesel engine. With this way, the whole river dredging system no need to use the generator set, it was not only retains the use of function, but also saved the customer’s costs.

river sand extraction dredgerjet sand suction dredger


ApplicationRiver sand dredging

Sand pump

Sand output100m³/h
Dredge depth5-10m
Discharge distance500-800m
Diesel engineYuchai 162kw
Outlet pipe8 inch


In the process of communicating with customers, we understood that the customer had the ability to weld the dredge machinery body by himself. So we can only provide the main pontoon, he would weld the side pontoons by himself. In the main pontoon, we connected the sand dredging pump with diesel engine, water pump with diesel engine, and other accessories. At the same time, we provided the side pontoons drawings to customer, and then he welded the side pontoons in the local place. With this way, customer saved processing costs and transportation costs.

For sand discharge pipe and sand dredger floater, customer needed 8 inch HDPE pipes, it would need 3 pairs floaters every 10 meters pipes, 500 meters pipes needed 150 pairs floaters. As customer had some old oil drums around his worksite, so he used the oil drums instead of floaters.

sand suction dredgerriver sand  dredger

Since we had already connected the main components of the river sand extraction dredger, the rest of the work was very simple. We tested the sand slurry pump dredger before shipment and took videos to show customer how to install and operator it. After the dredger arrived the worksite, the customer connected their welded side pontoons to our main pontoon perfectly.



Why choose us

As the professional sand pump and dredger designer, manufacturer and exporter, OCEAN Pump had been worked harder to become the leader to supply One Stop Sand Pumping Solutions to worldwide customers since 1997.  We have more than 30 talented sand pumping experts and strong teams responsible for product development, manufacturing, quality control, exporting, after sales service. We have our own manufacturing factory with professional technicians and advanced machines. By choosing OCEAN Pump, you choose a long term professional partner for your sand pumping business.



About OCEAN Pump


OCEAN Pump Factory is located in Taian City, the famous tourist city near the expressway from Beijing to Shanghai, Shandong Province, China. As the leading sand pump machine designer and manufacturer, OCEAN Pump has its own 15,000 square meters state-of-art manufacturing factory. In recent years, we had invested more than 700,000 dollars into our modern manufacturing factory to improve the basic production facilities , working conditions, employee salary and welfare, technical and teamwork training, etc.


sand suction pumpsand suction dredger


sand pump dredger


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