Уретротом Урология OTIS и AED OTIS или потайной внутренний нож уретротомии и оболочка OIU (50045460743)

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OTIS Urethrotome - 14B14


An OTIS urethrotomy is the blind transurethral incision of the urethra by an Otis urethrotome. After insertion of the Otis urethrotome, the urethra is dilated to the desired width and a blade cuts the stretched urethra at the 12 o’clock position. OTIS Urethrotome is also called as Blind Internal Urethrotomy.


The Otis urethrotomy is reserved for the palliative treatment of long-segment strictures of the male urethra or to treat proximal narrowing of the female urethra. Otis urethrotomy is also performed before the use of old resectoscopes (> 26 CH) in a narrow urethra to prevent ischemic damage.

OTIS Urethrotome is also called as Blind Internal Urethrotomy, OTIS Urethrotome, AED OTIS Urethrotome, Blind Internal Urethrotomy, Urethrotomy Knife, OIU Sheath.

Advanced Features:-

  • Designed to provide excellent utility.

  • Accurate dimensions

  • Advanced configuration

  • Anti-corrosive

  • Smooth finish

  • High performance

  • Long lasting nature


Set For Otis urethrotome:


Otis1 Pcs
Blades2 Pcs
Connector3 Pcs






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