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Product Overview


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PVC insulation tape production line

This Machine used to produce PVC insulation tape Log rolls.The main structures are unwinder , coater, drying ovens, cooling roller unit, rewinder, frame, duct, electrical system.

Function introduction
1. Unwinder: Release the PVC blank film, automatic pick up new roll of blank film.
2. Coater1: primary coating, Gravure roll coating Glue type: solvent base rubber
Coater2: the second coating, Comma roll coating
Glue type: solvent base rubber
3. Drying ovens: Drying the materials, hot air system, the heat source is provided by the user. Steam boiler,
Heat transfer oil boiler one of them. The length of the oven is determined by the maximum capacity required by the user.
4. Cooling roller unit: The raw material after high temperature drying can be cooled rapidly.
5. Fully automatic rewinder and storage materials unit : rewinding the material into a roll, to get the PVC Insulation tape log
rolls. It can automatic winding, automatic cutting, automatic paper core taking and automatic unloading log roll without stopping
the machine.

6. Machine Drawing for reference , it can be customized as the requirements.

PVC Insulation Tape production process
1.Glue Making
2.Coating adhesive
3.Tape log roll cutting
4.Product packing

PVC film
PVC film sheet roll
Film roll width:1100~1350mm
Film thickness:0.1~0.4mm
Film Roll diameter: max.600mm
Core inner diameter:76mm

Acrylic adhesive
Solvent based
Rubber adhesive
Primer adhesive: viscosity 20~100cps, solid content 12%~15%
Surface adhesive: viscosity 10000~60000cps, solid content 15~30%
Solid content:50~55%

Paper core
Paper core internal diameter:32,38,76mm
Length of paper core:1200~1300mm
Thickness of paper core: 5mm

Product Specifications

Model 1300
Working width:
Base materials:
PVC film, 0.1~0.4mm
Machine Speed:
Production speed:
Production capacity: 8 hours
6000~15000 square meters
Heat consumption per hour: 
Drying temperature control:
Max.150 degree
Operator for per line: 
3~4 workers

Details Images

Product show

Unwinder , Primer coater
Surface coater

Drying oven for primer coating
Drying oven for surface coating

Main electrical control cabinet
Fully automatic rewinder

Assembling show

Unwider, rewinder
Coater, cooling system

Operation interface
Blower and exhaust fan for drying system

Electrical control system
Drying oven

Frame, sheet metal

Steel plate processing

Frame, machine skeleton
Oven skeleton and inner

Packing and delivery
Standard ocean packing
Fumigation pallet, wooden case, film
7* 40HQ


1. What products do you need to produce?
BOPP tape, PVC insulation tape, PE/PET protective film, PET/PI electrical tape, Masking tape, double-side tape, Label self adhesive , Sublimation paper, non-woven/cloth medical adhesive tape.
2. What is parameter of base materials?
Width of base material roll:
Diameter of base material roll:
Weight of material:
3. What kind of adhesive to apply for the products?
Acrylic, rubber or hot melt
4. What is the type of adhesive?
Water base , solvent base, or solvent-less
5. What is parameter of adhesive?
Solid content:
6. What is production capacity for the machine?
6000~15000 Square meters, 8 hours
7. How long is the delivery time?
8.Installation and debugging services?
We can send engineers abroad for installation guidance and operation training.
9.Warranty period and after sales serviceIs.
The equipment is guaranteed for one year, Outside the warranty period, we provide paid maintenance services.

Contact Me

Contact person: Ms.Shelly He
Tel:+86 2138726828 Fax.+86 2138726369
Cell phone/Whatsapp:+86 13391085881
CISSCO Machinery Co.,ltd
Add:30B, NO.58#, New Jinqiao Road, Shanghai

Company Introduction
CissCo Machinery Co., has been engineering and manufacturing a series of adhesive tape Production line for more than 20 years and has thus acquired an extensive expertise in the supply of manufacturing machinery; having based ourselves on the features demanded by large companies in more than 30 countries.

Our strong advantages:
1. 20 Years Experiences;
2. European Latest Technology;
3. Easy to Operate, Stable Performance, Good Quality Products, Low Production Cost;
4. Quicker Production Speed, Big Output;
5. Good Material and Well-Known Brand Electrical Parts;
6. Beautiful Appearance;
7. Free Training for Technical Process, Formula and Know-How;
8. Full Time and High Level After-Sale Services;

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Production auxiliary equipment

These auxiliary equipment be prepared by the user

Steam boiler, Heat transfer oil boiler Heat transfer oil boiler:
Make heat source for coating machine
Steam boiler: 1~2 ton
Heat transfer oil boiler: 600000~120000kcal
Air compressor : Supply air source for the machine
Power: 15HP
Pressure: 6~10kg
Air storage capacity: 200~500L
Cooling tower: Supply cold water for the machine cooling system
Type:1 ton per hour

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