Двухфазный шаговый Серводвигатель 57J1880EC 1000 с замкнутым контуром (60082304876)

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Product Overview


57J1880EC-1000 Two phase  Closed Loop Step Servo Motor

Product Description



Brief introduction

2HBS two phase hybrid stepper servo drive system integrated servo control technology into the digital step driver. It adopts typical tricyclic control method which include current loop,speed loop and position loop.This product has the advantage of both step and servo system, is a highly cost-effective motion control products.

Full closed loop

1.Accurate position and speed control can achieve the most strict request of the application.

2. High robustness’s servo control adapt to wide range change of inertial load and friction load.

3.The motor with 1000 CPR encoder,support vector closed loop control. Compare with traditional step motor, it solved the problem of lose step.

Low heat/high efficiency

1.Adjust the current according to actual load,the heat is much lower compare    with traditional step motor.

2.The current is almost 0, and without heat under stop condition.

3.It save energy and can achieve nearly 100% torque output. Working smoothly and accurate.

Smooth and accurate

Based on the feedback encoder’s space vector current control algorithm and vector smoothing filtering technique.It can resist the "low- frequency resonance” caused by the traditional step motor. The motor can still run smoothly under low speed. This is a perfect solution to slove the problem of noise and vibration for the traditional stepper motor.

High speed response

1.Hybrid step servo system have some advantages of the traditional open loop stepper system, position response input and output command signal are almost real time synchronization, so very suitable for condition of short distance quickly start / stop and zero-speed stop stably.

2.In condition of point to point fast positioning, advanced servo control technology provides a large torque output. It makes the system has a very high dynamic response, it is far over the limit of step system. .

High torque /high speed

1. hybrid servo drive system adopts the optimized current control mode, the torque of the motor can be 100% full use. There is no need to consider torque redundance when design the machine. 

2.a large torque output can simplified the complexity of the deceleration equipment in certain cases.

3.The high speed performance of the hybrid step servo drive systems improve 30% and the effective torqued improve 70% compare with opened loop step motor. This makes the motor can maintain high-torque operation under high-speed.





Selection list(closed loop stepper motor systerm)
driver modelsuitable motormotor modelTechnical characteristics
2HSS57Nema 23 two phase stepper motor57J1854EC-1000 57J1880EC-1000supply voltage:24-60VDC
2HSS86HNema 23,34 two phase stepper motor57J1880EC-1000 86J1865EC-1000 86J1880EC-1000 86J1895EC-1000 86J18118EC-1000 86J18156EC-1000supply voltage:30-75VAC
2HSS1108HNema 34,43 two phase stepper motor86J18118EC-1000 86J18156EC-1000 110J18135EC-1000 110J18160EC-1000 110J18190EC-1000supply voltage:80-220VAC
2HSS2208HNema 43,52 two phase stepper motor110J18190EC-1000 130J18205EC-2500 130J18225EC-2500supply voltage:110-240VAC



Company Information


Shenzhen Just Motion Control Electromechanics Co .,Ltd .was established with the vision of developing motion control product for the industry .Our company has accumulated several years of experience in this field , integrating research and development, manufacture and marketing. We are always striving to understand the needs of customers, and to develop further in this field.


Our main products are stepper motor drives, step motor, AC servo motor systems, DC brushes and brushless motors and drive systems, multi-axes motion controllers, and  intelligent step motors .we also provide complimentary mechanical products, such as motor couplings, gearboxes, and linear motions.





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