Solar water pumps system Irrigation submersible deep well pump for agriculture 10HP (60123994455)

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Solar water pumps system Irrigation submersible deep well pump for agriculture 10HP


Dear Sir/Madam,

Thanks visiting our store, this is Sunny, oversea sale manager of Yunnan Yaochuang Energy Development Co., Ltd., we specialize in solar water pump system for agriculture.


New energy apply to agriculture is more and more popular, especial solar water pump system, for many farmlands without 3 phase electricity grid, owners have to pay much cost on diesel generator to drive 380V 3 phase water pump, it consumes lots diesel oil everyday for irrigating. 

Have you ever thought building a solar energy system to drive water pump?

One time investment, low maintain cost, no electricity or fuel oil consumption. The solar water pump system supports pumping water 8-10 hours in sunny days, and over 25 years service life.

You will get payback within 10-24 months.


How does solar water pump system work?

The solar pumping system is composed of solar pumping inverter, 3 phase AC pump, and solar array. The solar array is composed of many solar cells panels in series and in parallel, and absorbs irradiation from Sunlight, and converts into electrical energy (DC). Inverter controls and regulates pumping operation system and converts DC voltage from PV modules to AC to drive the AC pump, with the function of MPPT and it regulates the output frequency according to irradiation in actual time to achieve the maximum power. The AC pump driven by a 3 phase induction motor, draws water from well or rivers and lakes, then water reserved on tank/ponds for irrigation systems or other applications. Based on the requirements and installation conditions, different types of pumps will be required.


7.5KW submersible deep well water pump flow rate & head lift datasheet.

ModelMotor powerFlow rate(m3/h)/head lift(m)Outlet (inch)Pump Diameter(mm)

Choosing a suitable pump model, we will design whole set system for you!


Full stainless steel material submersible deep well pump, SS304 / SS316: discharge head, valve cap, discharge diffuser,impeller nut, impeller, straps, inducer, pump shaft, suction interconnector, cable guard, connecting sleeve

water pump 4water pump 8\u007Fwater pump 2




How to get formal quotation efficiently?

1) The system installation Country _________             City __________

2) daily water supply ________ m3

3) Vertical height from water level to ground H1 (Static Head) __________ m

4) Vertical height from tank (if any) to ground H2 ________ m

5) Horizontal distance from tank (if any) to water source L __________ m

6) Water level drop when pumping water H3 (Dynamic head) ___________ m

7) Diameter D ________ mm (if it is a borehole)

Head lift of pump





Yaochuang Energy solar water pump system application

  • Water supply for remote villages and homes;

  • Irrigation of farms and gardens;

  • Wildlife watering;

  • Filling of Fish ponds and Swimming pools;

  • Surface water pumping for landscaping streams and waterfalls;

  • Cattle, livestock watering systems (animal husbandry);

  • Water supply for sea islands;

  • Water treatment projects;

  • Alternate system for water supply to counter grid power outrages.




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