Дезинфицирующий дезинфицирующий аппарат для диджея, спрей с изменением цвета, Китай, оптом, 500 Вт (60138735730)

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China Wholesale Lighting DJ Party sanitizer LED 500W disinfection sterilizer smoke spray changing color stage fog machinespray changing color stage fog machine

Led stage equipment smoke machine 500w fog machine

Fog Machine Disinfection Fogging Disinfectent Gun Sprayer Nano Atomizing Lysol Disinfectant Spray


With this latest design, this fog machine can automatically work without manual operation. When turning on the automatic spray function, please constantly check the remaining atomized liquid is used up or not. If it is out of liquid, remember to add enough atomized liquid or just turn off the machine.


You can choose to start up the fog with lighting effect, available in all kinds of colors like red/blue/green or blend colors (cyan, fuchsine, yellow and white) at different speeds (fade/flash/smooth/strobe). 2000 CFM of non-toxic fog can be produced within 2-3 meters and duration of the fog is 30-40 seconds.


It is possessed of a preheating indicator light on the wired remote control. It will automatically light up after the preheating process is complete. In this way, you can safely use the machine. Please ensure that the indicator light works normally before use.



  • Single Operation

  • Updated Design

  • Colorful LED Lighting Effect

  • Preheating Indicator Light

  • Three Remote Controls


 1 * Fog Machine;1* Wired Receiver;1* Power Cord;2* Wireless Remote Controls

 Warm Tips:
1. If the fog juice uses up, the fog machine will buzzing. You need to turn off the machine in time, refill fog juice to the tank and turn on it again.
2. Please note that the black wired and wireless remote control CANNOT work under AUTO FOG mode. If you want to control the fog by yourself with the remote control, you need to turn off the AUTO FOG mode.

  • Disinfection and sterilization: remove odors, can be used in places that need to be disinfected and cleaned, 15 minutes fresh and effective, immediate

  • In-depth cleaning: atomizing and humidifying, spraying and wiping when dirty, cleaning immediately is not only a disinfection gun, but also an air humidifier

  • Electrical fogging: convenient control, LED display, one-key fogging switch, fogging size knob adjustable

  • Nickel-copper alloy atomizing nozzle: high-strength alloy copper, temperature and pressure resistant, long-lasting atomization, high-power atomization smoke sterilization

  • Suitable for multiple scenes: quick-acting atomization, disinfection and sterilization, humidification and cleaning, indoor and outdoor use

Nano Spray Gun Features
1. Intelligent temperature control--2 real-time temperature controllers

2. Light weight --PC material, comfortable to carry

3. Strong water pump--helpful to release waste

4. Safe--circuit board wrapped with PC material

5. Individual handle design--reduce the arm pressureNano Spray Gun Principle
Based on the principle of superheated steam, produced by 3.3 atmospheric pressure, the sprayer has a strong ability to pressurize the liquid water into superheated gaseous molecule (140 degree, 0.26nm in diameter).

It achieves a good effect on hairdressing for hot-oiling, curls ,dye and haircut, by penetrating hair follicles, 

it's also helpful to sterilize air with 84 disinfectant.




After-sales Service Provided:Online support, Video technical support

Warranty:1 YEAR

Product Name:nano spray gun

Function:Dulited disinfectant Spraying, Skin hydrating, Hair Moisturizing




Technology:High pressure Spraying



Disinfection Fog Gun





Product size:


Cover area:



This product adopts nano-dispersion technology imported from Germany and nano-air catalyst to decompose formaldehyde in the car. It is rich in natural green leaf alcohol, which can kill 99.9% of the bacteria in the car. It is safe and efficient by using special herbs. The sterilization deodorant, pure green product, is harmless to the human body, safe and convenient.






Model numberDisinfection smoke fog gun 2020-1
smoke spraying distance2meters
Net weight1.4kg
Volume Dimension 14*11*10cm
Warranty period1 year
Consumablesdisinfection liquid







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