X ray Developer Machine

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Product Overview


X-ray Developer Machine


5.2L Medical Automatic X-ray Film Processor


Model:  MCXA-P01 


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Exclusively in used in medical and lab filed, be suited for all standard filem with brand of 35 cm.
Applied outlook design, load fleet design to adgusted and maintain conventently.
Run time set in 135 S,directly wash glandula film animal film lab and print film. 

Excellent micro-computered flate can simple set warm and speed of wash machine.

Maintain conventiently send accurancy axis protect film for daily clear.

Particular combination of axis and fresh dry shot design protection to hot wind dry film.


Protect-oxygen function, effectively protect drug liquid from be old, producing high clear image.

High economic profit: function of waiting for machine can lower comsumption of water and electronic, both save drug liquid and improve image

Operate simple and excellent safe, simple and unstand, sound and viedo repair put the next film, protect oxide and loop drug liquid, automatic adjust of display warm  ,optional the following different run time meet particular requirement:105s,135s,165s.

Excellent, simple and personal design, the used can get pleasure high quality and clear image film.


Parts of the 5.2L Medical Automatic X-ray Film Processor:

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panel 750.jpg

Operation Conditions of the 5.2L Medical Automatic X-ray Film Processor:



2.Ambient temperature :5~25

3.Ambient humidity: less than 60%

4.Power of the whole machine: less than 2kw


Technical Specifications of the 5.2L Medical Automatic X-ray Film Processor:

Type desktop /Console model

1. Size of the processor film: 4"*4"-14"*17"

2. Process time: 105/135/165s

3. Develop time: 25/35/45s

4.Film feed mode:U-slot


5.Film sensing mode:micro switch

6. Develop temperature: Adjustble28 -37 degree (plus or minus0.3 )

7. Developing Capacity: 80p/h (14"*17"); 145p/h (10"*12")

8. Dryer temperature: 40-65degree

9. Channel volume: Develop\Fixer\Water\each 5.2litres


10.Water developing control mode: solenoid vavle control

11.Anti-oxidation function:60mins interval

12.Anti-crystallization function: 20mins interval

13. Washing Control :water 2~8L/min when rinsh

14. Replenishment: Auto./manual 20~200ml/for 0.5s.q.m




X-ray Machine Series

We provide different kinds of X-ray machines and accessories of X-ray machines. Some are shown in the following pictures. For more infomation, please refer to our webside: guangzhou-medical.en.alibaba.com.

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