Биомасса древесных гранул мельница машина/Pellt мельница машина для производства древесных гранул используется в системе гранулирования (60169227614)

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Product Overview


Biomass Wood Pellet Mill Machine/Pellt Mill Machine for Wood Pellet Making used in Pelletizing System

Sincerely Welcome to our factory !


♦  We, Henan Richi Machinery Co., Ltd. was established in 1995,  Has served Europe, North America, Africa, Middle East, Asia for ten years. Our products have been sold to many countries all over the world.

♦ The head office was located in Zhengzhou, Henan Province.

♦ As a professional biomass sawdust wood pellet machine and complete plant project solution supplier, Henan Richi can always meet different customers' requirement.

♦ We understand how important the quality is, and we also understand the importance of timely shipping.

♦ We know how to survive and develop, because we always focus on the long-term development.


Good quality comes from precision CNC processing machines

precision processing machine.jpg


Strict processing & quality control

strict processing.jpg


Packing & Delivery

packing and delivery.jpg

 To make sure the small sawdust biomass wood pellet machine delivery to you at the best condition,  we adopt the considerate way  to  protect the equipment very well.  We consider our products just as our children. 


Biomass wood pellet mill machine
wood biomass pellet machine (12)

Model: 250, 320, 350 


1) the Model number means the diameter of the ring die of the feed pellet machine

2) the diameter of the final product pellet is Φ6-10 mm.

Model: 250

Capacity : 0.1-0.2 t/h

Power :  15 Kw

Weight : 1000kg

Dimension : 1420*1200*1400 mm

Model: 320

Capacity : 0.3-0.5 t/h

Power : 37 Kw 

Weight : 2500

Dimension : 2200*1000*1500 mm

Model: 350

Capacity : 0.5-0.8 t/h

Power : 55 Kw

Weight (kg):3500 Kg

Dimension : 2500*1100*1600 mm

 ♦ For bigger model of wood pellet mill, please click here.

 ♦ For wood pellet making production line, please click here.


The function of each part of  biomass wood pellet mill

1) Feeder: feeding raw material into the pellet making chamber.

the feeder is made of stainless steel.


2) Forced feeding unit: since the raw material is fluffy, and the bulking value is higher, we equip the force feeding device.



3) Pellet making unit: ring die and press roller inside work together to make the biomass wood raw material into wood pellet.  


4) Main motor: driving the pellet making system.


We adopt the super quality Siemens brand motor in our machine.

pellet mill.png


Pelleting process working principle
315-2.jpgring die and roller-2.jpg

 ♦ The main motor drive the ring die mould rotated. the press roller that were placed inside of the roller does not revolution, but will rotate because the friction of the ring die mould and wood powder raw material.

 ♦ The wood sawdust powder raw material was spread evenly into the space between the ring die and roller, and was press into the mould hole, formed column shape pellet, the pellet will rotate along with the rotating ring die mould and will be cutted when the length of the column pellet reach to a certain value.


Suitable raw materials

raw material new.jpg

 ♦ The raw material could be branches, wood chipper, coconut sheel, nut sheel, rice or wheet straw, bean stem, wood  sawdust, etc.  

 ♦ If we use the raw material hay, forage grass, alfalfa,  alfalfa, moringa oleifera, etc. we will get  the final product silage  fodder.


Final products wood pellet

final product wood pellet.jpg

 ♦ We could produce wood pellet with different diameter by using different size of ring die mould. the range could be ø 6mm-10mm. 

 ♦ The length of the wood pellet could be adjusted.  there is a regulating device on the wood pellet machine.


Your may Ask: 

 1) How did you define your wood pellet mill model as 250 / 320 / 350 /420 / 508,  etc. ?

 The model is defined based on the diameter of the ring die mould.

 For example, mould 250 means that the diameter of the ring die is 250 mm. 


 2) what kind of raw material that the ring die mould is made of?

 There are two kinds of ring die mould in the market. one is made of carbon steel, the other is made of stainless  steel.   the former is cheaper than the latter.

 We adopt stainless steel ring die and press roller sheel in our machine.


 3) what about the size of the final wood pellet product? 

 the size is adjustable accroding to your requirement.

 the diameter range of the wood pellet is ø6-10 mm by using different ring die mould. 

 the length of the wood pellet could be adjusted on the machine.


 5) What is the suitable moisture (water content) of the raw material that easy to make pellet?

 the ideal moisture range is from 15%  to 18% .


 6) What brand of motors you used in the machine?

 We use Siemens brand motor in our machine. please rest assured about the quality.


 7) what about the power, capacity, size and weight of the wood pellet mill? 

 Please refer to the above technical parameter table to get the detail. 

 If you want the details of bigger size of wood pellet making machine, please click here.


 8) will you dispatch engineer to install the wood pellet mill (production line)? 

 Yes. we will dispatch engineer to do the service just based on the requirement of customers. 


 9) where is your factory located? how could I get there? 

 Our factory is located in Zhengzhou, Henan, China. It's 30 km far from the airport. we will pick you up at the airport.


 10) what is your wood pellet machine price? 

 Please leave us a message at the bottom, and tell your detail requirement, will will reply you at first time.

 Definitely, we could offer you the best machine with best price.  



For targeted help, please tell us: 

 1) What's your raw material?  

 2) What about the maximum size and major size of the raw material? 

 3) What about your expecting size of the final product wood pellet? 

 3) what about the capacity? (how many ton per hour or day or year?)

 4) are you the final user or you will sell the machine to others? 



Related Machine
wood chipper.jpgwood crusher.jpg

♦ Wood chipper machine cut and chip the wood raw material into chipps. 

 ♦ There are two main type of wood chipper machine, one is drum wood chipper machine (same as the above picture); the other is disk wood chipper machine


 ♦ The function of wood crusher machine is to crush and grind the smaller size of wood chips into wood sawdust  powder. the next process is pellet making.

 ♦ There are two kind of wood crusher machine, one is the normal, the suitable raw material is smaller size, such as wood chips, nut shell, etc.

the other one is Two-in-One wood crusher, which integrated wood chipper and wood crusher. 



Wood pellet making production line

Choose Your Capacity

 0.5-0.8 ton / hour
 1-1.5 ton / hour
 1.8-2 ton / hour
 3 ton / hour
 4 ton / hour

Transaction history: 

Transaction information.png



Useful knowledge:

 1) About the Compression Ratio of the ring die mould.

 define "L" as the effective hole length of the ring die.

 define "D" as the effective hole diameter of the ring die.


 the Compression Ratio = L / D.


 The higher Compression Ratio, the more compact that the biomass wood pellet will be, and the pelleting  speed will  be reduced accordingly.


 2)  Ring die failure cause analysis

 wood pellet making machine is the key equipment in biomass wood pellet producing process. The ring die mould  is  the heart part of pellet mill machine, and it's one the most easy wearing spare parts as well.


 Since the ring die mould work with friction all the time. the ring die mould will be wearing and finally failure along  with the throughput increasing. the handling capacity is one of the main performance index for the ring die mould.


 theoretically, one set of ring die mould and one pair of press roller could produce 2000 ton and 500 ton  wood  pellet.  but in practice, even the well-management biomass pellet producing factory could only reach to 1500 ton and  300 ton respectively. and for those poor-management one, the value is only 600 ton / 100 ton.


 After a period of working, the hole inside wall friction losses increased,
 A) the diameter of the hole increased, and the diameter of final product wood pellet exceed the specified  value.
 B) the scraggly of the hole inside wall get worse, the wood raw material will easy to block, the capacity will  decrease.
 C) the thickness of the hole wall will be reduced, the structural strength of the ring die mould will be highly reduced.


 3) a number of reasons cause the ring die friction losses.

 A) the fineness of the biomass wood sawdust powder raw material.

 the more fineness of the raw material,  the more easier to forming pellet. 
 otherwise, too coarse granular size of the raw material will increase the friction losses of the ring die.
 Generally, all of the raw material partical size should be more than 8 mesh, the proportion of partical that above 25  mesh should not less than 65%.

 for those high coarse fiber raw material, we should add some oil to reduce the friction, and the surface of the  final  pellet will look more smooth.

 B) the impurity in the raw material will accelerate the friction losses. hence the raw material cleaning is very  important.


 C) the space between the press roller and the ring die mould.
 It will speed up the friction if the space is too small. the ideal space is 0.2-0.4 mm.
 the space selection will depend on the diameter of the pellet. smaller diameter, smaller space.
 when we replace the ring die mould with a new one, the space should be set as lower value.

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