Монитор жизненно важных сигналов Mindray VS 600 (60232069764)

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Product Overview


. Super high definition display provides bright and clear view
. Weighing less than 1.7 kg, its lightweight design provides a highly mobile vital signs solution
. Super Li-ion battery provides more than 22 hours of continuous monitoring
. Trusted temperature measurement provides fast temperature reading
. PI (Perfusion Index) provides caregivers with an indication of the reliability of Sp02 measurement
  • Ergonomic design, precise engineering and clinical testing guaranteeing reliable measurement;
  • High quality photoelectric element, ensuring precise measurement;
  • Perfect performance against light interference, can be used in environment of strong light;
  • ESU-proof, ensuring SpO2 signals not interfered during operation;
  • Few pit structure, not easily staining, convenient for cleaning;
  • Outstanding cable jacket, enduring repeated cleaning and disinfection;
  • Velcro® bandage for non-adhesive sensors, convenient for changing application site;
  • Good biocompatibility, avoiding allergic reactions to patient;
  • Latex free.


  • Soft and comfortable. Low hazard to skin even if a long-term use.
  • Easy to clean. The cuff wrap can be damped or stained by liquid if duly cleaned.
  • Easy to clean. No-bladder cuff can be cleaned and disinfected directly.
  • Color-coded by size for different patient.
  • Pilling-proof. Not deform even if for long-term use.
  • TPU bladder ensures good air tightness and long life.
  • Easy to use. The index line for proper size and placement.
  • Latex free, PVC free.
  • Good biocompatibility, free from biological hazard to skin.


  • Flexible and durable cables;
  • Outstanding cable material, enduring repeated cleaning and disinfection;
  • Latex free;
  • Good biocompatibility, avoiding allergic reactions to patient.

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