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Product Overview


 Pigments Color changed In Temperature

We have three types:

1,from one color to another color

2,color to colorless

3,colorless to color


Thermochromic Pigment for inks,


Thermochromic Pigments for  Cosmetics,

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Thermochromic color pigments allow for a visual response to changes in temperature. The pigments are composed of microcapsules that change color reversibly. When the temperature is raised to a specified temperature the pigment goes from colored to colorless. The color returns to the original color as the pigment is cooled down. The particle size of the thermochromic pigment for all products is <6 microns (97%). 

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Heat resistant:

Max anti-temperature can up to 280 degree.


Nontoxic, harmless, without radioactivity, good chemical stability.It can be added to various mediums like paint, printing ink, plastic, rubber, resin, glass, etc.
Available for oil-based and water-based ink, paint. 


Powder Form:

Reversible Thermochromic color pigment(Original color--Colorless-back to its Original color)
Reversible Feeling wet color ink:White ink turn to translucent ink when it meets water.(Water-based ink)


Activation Tempature available:

16℃,17 ℃,18℃ ,22℃ ,30℃ ,31℃ ,32℃, 42℃ ,45℃ 


Color available :
Basic color : Red, Yellow, Blue, Black, Green, Purple


These Pigments are not Fluorescent Materials; The main difference between the two type of pigments is that fluorescent has bright fluorescent intensity at -50°C but thermochromic pigment series change their color at the visible range (not fluorescent).




 Application Of Thermochromic Pigment :


  • Cosmetic color, nail polish, lipstick etc

  • Screen printing application

  • Applicable for offset ink

  • Security offset ink

  • Marketing, Decoration and Advertising purposes

  • Plastic Toys

  • Smart textiles

  • Thermochromic Pigment for nail polish2_meitu_4.jpg_meitu_2.jpg

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