Камера для выращивания растений с сильным освещением (60295173598)

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Strong illumination plant growth chamber environmental chamber

GZP-PQH series :



Applies to plant seed germination, seedling cultivation, the cultivation and preservation of bacteria, microbes, small animals, insects, feeding, product quality testing and other uses of light, constant temperature experiments. Simulate natural climate and environment, through the light control simulation during the day and night, the humidity inside   (this feature is limited to artificial climate incubator, the temperature can be adjusted to a constant temperature degree , is an ideal environment test equipment for  such as biology, medicine, agriculture and animal husbandry, forestry, environmental science research departments.  



Balanced refrigeration, small temperature fluctuations, and set the automatic defrost, multiple layers of security protection, required to meet the long-running, with the well-known international brand compressor with delay protection function and smooth running.

Introduction of green philosophy, the use of freon R134 refrigerant and make the system more energy efficient, healthier environment;

The temperature control system with upgraded LCD display, programmable microcomputer intelligent PID control technology, with timing, ultra-high temperature alarm function;

The unique air circulation, soft wind, to ensure temperature uniformity;

Illumination five level can be adjusted ,liner is made of mirror stainless steel, up and down pitch adjustable shelf;

The double door design, built-in tempered glass viewing window, the items inside can be clearly observed;

Artificial climate chamber with built-in high-capacity intelligent humidification systems, and automatic replenishment by the external tank.


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