portable mosquito net bed net tent, Long lasting mosquito net against Malaria, WHOPE mosquito net mosquitero mosquiteiro

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portable mosquito net bed net tent, Long lasting mosquito net against Malaria, WHOPE mosquito net mosquitero mosquiteiro


Mosquito nets, prevention of dengue fever, meningitis, malaria and other diseases


special bag design for kenya market sale

pic2-pvc bags packing


Special bag design for Nigeria market ,  mosquito nets with printing picrires of the Governor 





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Malaria nets ,  WHOPE net , LLIN 

Every 60 seconds a child dies from malaria - a disease spread by mosquito bites. Malaria is caused by Plasmodium, which is transmitted via the bites of infected mosquito. In the human body the parasites multiply in the liver infect red blood cells. You may need Mosquito Nets for Bunk Beds.


Malaria is only transmitted by infected female mosquito of the genus Anopheles. Most female Anopheles mosquito only bite at night. Purchasing Mosquito Nets for Bunk Beds, save a life.


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                    Long lasting with permethin insecticide treated Mosquiti net

                    Pop up tent

                    Mosquito net fabric 40D,50D,75D,100D  

                    WHOPE Mosquiteiro, Moustiquaire  

                    Esay set up sit cross legged Mosquito net  

                    Medication mosquito net 

strong production capability with best prices

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Product Description


All size can be customsized !    Welcome to inquiry !  




Deltamethrin (WHOPES approved)
TreatmentLong lasting insecticide (3 to 5 years)
Concentration of insecticideWHOPES recommended
Target level of concentrationWHOPES recommended

Rectangular Mosquito Net:

   L.190 x W.180 x H.150cm - Large Bed

   L.180 x W.160 x H.150cm - Double Bed

   L.180 x W.130 x H.150cm - Single Bed

   Conical Mosquito Net:

   R.56/60 x H.220 x C.850 cm - Single Bed

   R.60/65 x H.250 x C.1050 cm - King Bed

   R.65 x H.250 x C.1250 cm - Queen Bed

   R.75 x H.250 x C.1350 cm - Extra Queen Bed

Foldable Mosquito Netting: (cm)

 Length ×  Width ×  Height

200 * 180 * 150

200 * 150 * 150

Netting Material100% High Density /Polyester /Polyethylene (composition ISO1833)
FabricationWarp knitted (construction ISO 8388)
Sharp Rectangular and Conical
Door Without Door,With Finished Edge, without door
Denier 50 - 100 (ISO 2060, DUPRO)
ColorWhite or Blue or Green
Weight Min. 20 g/m2, depending of denier (ISO 3801) 
Netting Mesh Size Min. 156 holes/inch2 (9 holes/cm2)
Shrinkage (ISO 5077/ISO 6330 - 8A at 30 C, flat dry) +/- 5%
Bursting StabilityMin. 250kPa for net material and seams            (ISO13938-1 or ISO 13938-2)
Fire safetyClass 1  (16 CFR part 1610 ) 
Net suspension

Min. 6 Loops the Upper Corners + Middle; Min. Length 10cm,  

Suspension loops made of same netting fabric

Insecticide ContentPermethrin/ Deltamethrin Treatment
Effective LifeMinimum 4-5 Years, even after Washing more than 20 Times
Payment Terms:30%T/T in advance,the balance 70% pay before shipment
Origin China
Certificate of Quality  Per ISO9001-2000, SGS, as per WHO regulations

Each Net to be Packed in an Individual, Heat Sealed


Printed Transparent Plastic/PVC Bag.Bag to be Sufficient to prevent   


Damage During Transit. nets shipped into 50/100 units per bale.



1.Provides personal and communal control of malaria;

2.For all the family including babies and pregnant ladies;

3.20+ washes three years of use;


product pictures


Polyester Mosuqito nets ( round shape & rectangular shape ) 



Mosquito net Fabric ( IN diamond or hexagonal shape , min 156holes/inch2 for WHOPE standard )

2- details of the fabric , 100% polyester material , diamond shape_.jpg


Packing ways 

1.  OPP bag only 

2. OPP bag + color lable

3.  PVC printed bag 

4.  Nylon bag with customer' logo  


packing 1.jpg



Mosquito nets /  Jungle nets,  bottom with 190T  taffeta polyester fabric



Mosquito Tent  / Foldable mosquito nets 



Baby stroller mosquito net , baby mosquito net , baby car mosquito nets 




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