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Manual Electric Pig Stunner/ Handheld Stunning Gun For Pig Slaughterhouse



Product Description

 Manual electric numb machine is one of the simplest stunning machine for livestock slaughter, it is widely used in small slaughterhouses, consisting of transformer, electric head with plastic handle, plugs, stainless steel electric head.


This machine is used to stun pigs in preparation for killing, providing convenience for shackle and ensuring safety during bloodletting.


Features: with wide applicability, it can work individually, and also be used as a supplementary device with conveyor. The machine meet the requirements of different production, it’s economical, practical and small in size;



Poor in safety, operators must put in insulating rubber boots and rubber gloves to avoid electric shock;

Low working efficiency, bone fracture and contusion are incidental which will affect the quality of meat.


Technical parameters


Transformer power:

0.5 KVA

Electric voltage

70 ~ 90 v

Electric current

0.5-1.2 - A

Input voltage:

220 v

Stunning time

1 ~ 5 s

Output voltage

0-250 - v


220 * 130 * 340 mm





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Qingdao TENT machinery Co.ltd is focusing advantages power to consolidate ,developing,improve three product modules "plastic machinery, food machinery, environmental protection machine". TENT adapts to the development of global machinery industry, providing general new old customers with products in good quality at low price. TENT has professional technologists, also has well -qualified working team, being able to provide perfect after-sale service for customers in time. TENT invariably regards development of new product new technology as primary task. Cooperating with international universities, experts and valued customers, constantly innovating and improving, company gets many national patents.


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