2019 new style 4 frames electric CE motor radial honey extractor

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2019 new style 4 frames electric CE motor radial honey extractor




what is honey extractor?

Extractor is a machine that will be isolated honey by the action of centrifugal force, and then open the lower part of the extractor vacuum tube the honey poured out can be. This machine consists of main operation frame and installed in the main frame of two slide mounted spleen frame, the parts of uniform symmetrical, smooth operation and turn on the function of spleen: installed in the main frame and spleen frame between (circular arc tracks in the sliding groove) turn spleen, spleen turned and with even under the main frame points and spleen box power between the pulling force of the tension spring pull arc rail sliding turned around the spleen and the change of the surface of the.



zorue have 2frame manual ,3frames manual and electrical,4frames manual and electrical,6frames manual and electrcial,8frames manual and electrcial,12 frames electrcial,16frames electrcial,24frames electrical,48frames electrcial honey extractor.


Our honey extractgor material use:Galvanized,201 stainless steel,304 stainless steel different material with different price.



Our motor with CE certificate for 140w,250w,550w these three stypes motors can be selected.



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If you have any requests and questions  for the honey extractors,please contact us or send inquiry to us.




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