JIHPUMP 353K Small Micro Peristaltic Pump for Water Liquid Dosing Dispensing Pumps Sanitizer Detergent Laundry Medical Chemical

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Product Overview


About Us

Chongqing Jieheng Peristaltic Pumps Co., Ltd.
China leading manufacturer and provider of peristaltic pumps.
Has been meeting OEM customers peristaltic pumps needs.
Offer peristaltic pumps and customizable pumps solutions.
Offer free technical and application support.
Over 15 years of application experience, sold more than 1 million sets peristaltic pumps.

How to select peristaltic pumps:
1. Flow rate elements:pressure, viscosity, temperature, suction and head height
2. Choose pump model according to flow: selection tables of complete pumpOEM pump
Note : The form needs to be viewed on MAC / PC
3. Pump configuration: working and control modes to be considered
4. Select pump tube: chemical compatibility guide

JIHPUMP has dedicated application engineers available to help customers make the right pump choice.

Products Description

1. Fully compatible with friction pump , but more competitive : appearance and mounting dimensions are compatible with SR10/30 friction peristaltic pump
2. Driving gear transmission: driving gear transmission, less tube wear and longer operation life
3. High reliability and no backflow: high precision, morereliable, stable effluent and no backflow
4. Pump head can be adjusted postions: The pump head can be 90 degrees free rotation installation
5. Micro peristaltic pump, compact structure,Can be installed side by side to save space
6. Tool-free disassembly and assembly of the pump cover, easy to replace the hose

Speed Range:
 With standing motor:135r,166rrpm
Working Environment:
 0-60 ℃, relative humidity≤85%
Output pressure:

JIHPUMP 353K Small Micro Peristaltic Pump for Water Liquid Dosing Dispensing Pumps Sanitizer Detergent Laundry Medical Chemical
Pump model
Flow capacity
Max 7270 ml/min
DC24V,4A or DC36V,3.3A
Transfering, dosing, dispensing
Wide applicable devices
Detergent delivery: such as washing machine, dishwasher detergent delivery Analytical instruments: such as analysis and testing
instrument media injection Printing equipment: such as ink delivery Food machinery: such as beverage delivery Kitchen equipment
Laundry equipment Car washing equipment Industrial Process Fine Chemicals
Application industries
Medical, pharmaceutical, environmental, analysis, lab, printing, washing, household appliances, food and beverage, industrial machinery
1. beverage machine 
2. icecream machine 
3. coffee machine 
4. laundry equipment 
5. dishwasher 

Accessories available

Application Industry

Rich experience   Mature scheme    Application worry free
JIHPUMP is a professional manufacturer and supplier of peristaltic pumps, has more than 15 years of experience in peristaltic pump applications. We are committed to providing customers with standard and customized peristaltic pump solutions. More than 1 million sets peristaltic pumps have been shipped throughout the world. Printing, washing and industrial machinery and other fields have been successfully applied.

JIHPUMP 353K Small Micro Peristaltic Pump for Water Liquid Dosing Dispensing Pumps Sanitizer Detergent Laundry Medical Chemical

Why Choose Us

JIHPUMP Chongqing Jieheng Peristaltic Pumps Co., Ltd. is founded in 2006. We are a high-tech enterprise providing professional product application solutions, manufacturer and service provider of peristaltic and constant flow pumps. The company produces more than 50 series and over 200 models of peristaltic pump products. We have shipped more than one million cost-effective, high-reliability peristaltic pumps to users around the world in the food, beverage, chemical reagents, printing inks, detergents, laboratories, analytical instruments, fine chemicals, smart homes, medical care, biopharmaceuticals, environmental and industrial fields.

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