Most competitive price all over the world 100ma xray machine price

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Most competitive price all over the world 100ma xray machine price



1  Meter-indicator

single-table single tube

3  single-phase,full wave rectification

stationary anode x-ray tube assembly

x-ray tube filaments voltage regulator,space charge compensator

photograph plain table,simple structure and easy assemble

demand of power supply capacityTwo-phase 30kva
voltage frequencyabout  380v/220v     50hz  
internal resistance

0.6Ω 220v

power supply adjustable range380±10%  220±10% being adjustable continuously
currentsmall focus  15ma  big focus:30ma 60ma 100a
time0.04~6.35s23grades together grading a ccording to R10 coefficient
max dc output voltage90KV
max dc output currrency100KV
x ray tube modelXD 4  2.9/100
 focussmall focus:1.8×1.8mm  big focus 4.3×4.3mm
radiographic tablel×w×h2000×665×700mm
moving rang of bed surface

640mm in length  200mm in breadth

ray fillter of bedtravel in length ≥ 500mm
grid density N=28
convergence distance f =100cm
grid ratio r=8
column of x ray tube unitmoving in length along radiographic table 1000mm or 1800mm 
distance to ground as moving up and down650~1800mm
rotary around the center of cross arm±180
rotary around the shaft line of x ray annular tubes-10  ~60  ~+120
max size of cassette356mm×432mm






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