Коммерческая машина для приготовления попкорна карамельного типа

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Product Overview







Popcorn making machine

Instruction  of  the machine

Our Newest Popcorn Machine is a professional mechanical design, according to the principle 

of leverage and body mechanics to calculate the precise location and the most effort  particle arm point,  after  several  actual  verification, continuous  improvement in  the design  is completed 

All existing equipment of our Used Caramel Popcorn Machine For Sale is the most labor-saving, fire is the strongest equipment; meet the rapid initiation conditions, thus ensuring the production capacity and texture.

In consideration of your cost, we can provide you manual gas heating popcorn machine, automatic gas heating popcorn machine and automatic electric heating popcorn machine. You can also use different flavors, such ascaramel, cream and spiced salt etc. to make different flavors popcorn, welcomed by adult and children.


Parameters of the machine

popcorn making machineLEEHO-XRL50w220v2kg/batch/5min1950*660*1060mm


Features of the popcorn machine


1.Completely new design, adopts the newest technology;
2.Fully stainless steel, clean and safe;
3.Low noise;
4.Reasonable design, easy to operate and clean;
5.High efficiency, 2kg/batch/5min



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