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Product Overview


Products Description

Trailer self-propelled road Crack Sealer
The equipment is mainly used in the rapid repair of cracks in asphalt and concrete pavements, to prevent cracks from seepage, to ensure the overall performance of the road, and to extend the service life of the road.

 Before Repair
 After  Repair

Construction Principle and Process
1. The cracks have been eroded by rainwater for a long time, which makes the road damage more serious.2. Using pavement router to
open 1~2 cm standard incision to ensure the effect of filling.
3. Use jointing equipment to better fill the sealant to the cracks.
4. 3-5 years after crack repair can effectively prevent rainwater erosion.

1. crack slotting
2.Crack cleaning

3.Crack repair
4.Patching complete

Scope of application
The equipment is specially used for repairing the cracks of asphalt pavement such as expressway, national provincial road, county and township road, urban road and airport pavement, and etc.

Urban Road


Our Advantages

Danger when open fire heating.
Materials are easy to aging without temperature control system. Low efficiency and it may cause redone.
Imported temperature control system to ensure accurate temperature.Fast repair speed, good effect and longer service life.

Crack filling by hand is not uniform, and it is easy for water drops to leak. If the road is not protected, it will cause more
serious damage.
Eromei Crack Sealer using air pressure gun for filling,better results and the road is 3-6 times more durable than the manual filling.

Manual joint filling requires a large number of hands to cooperate with the construction, which is slow in efficiency.
1-2 people can do the construction, reduce the labor intensity, efficient and labor-saving, saving 30-60% of the cost.

Convenient mobile design
Designed with trailer structure and self-propelled function to facilitate the transportation and construction of equipment
High efficiency
Repeated cycle heating system has higher heating efficiency
Honda engine
5.5kW Honda gasoline generator sets provides stable power supply for the equipment, with less noise and better fuel economy,while the generator sets can output 220V of power for external electrical equipment.

Japan Omron temperature controller
Adjust the heating temperature according to the different sealant. The real-time monitoring and control of the temperature of sealant, heat conduction oil and electric heating hose to ensure the maximum service life of sealant
Flexible construction
The chassis of the walking system adopts the rear axle of pickup truck, leaf spring damping device and vacuum tire to avoid the steel vibration of the equipment, effectively protect the safety of relevant parts of the equipment, and make the walking more
stable and comfortable;
Honda engine
5.2m electric heating hose and 1.1m electric heating seam filling gun are equipped. And it can heat and melt the sealant solidified in the pipeline to avoid the pipeline blockage affecting the use of the equipment.

Product Paramenters

Safety, cost, performance and operator convenience, widely used for the crack repair of asphalt and cement pavement

 Product model
External dimensions
L*W*H: 3300≠1650≠1990(mm)
Weight of machine
Mode of transport
trailer(≦60km/h) & self-propelled(0-5km)
 5.5kw Honda Gasoline Generator Unit
 Imported RIELLO Diesel Burner
 Hose length
 Length of gun
 Melting time
1,Self-propelled electric motor.
2,Quality generator. Honda generator feature high efficiency and low level of noise and air pollution.
3,Omron dual digital LCD temperature controller: displaying both the real time temperatures of heat transfer oil, sealant, and
electric heated hose, and the required temperatures, automatically control the heating process.
4,Loop heating system. The loop heating system can make the melted sealant from bottom to the top of tank, improving heat exchange rate, reducing waiting time and prolonging working time.
5,Safety Design. With vacuum tire and a double shock absorption system (leaf spring and gas spring), greatly improve the working stability and safety.

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Company Profile

Eromei is a state-level high-tech enterprise found in 2015,focus on the R&D, production, sales and service of new
equipment,materials and technology in field of pavement preventive maintenance,provide customers with full range of maintenance solution.

The main products are the new maintenance equipment and materialsof the hot-reclaimed patching series, dust-free crack sealing series, plants trimming maintenance series, pavement safety anti collision series and etc., serve China, the United States,Greece, Thailand, Turkey and etc.Meanwhile, we have professional construction teams, which can undertake special preventive maintenance projects of crack sealing, bridge expansion joints, 3MM chip seal coating and etc.

Since establishment,adhering to the enterprise principle of"Innovation,Quality,Service,Eromei is wildly recognized by customers in the filed by keeping independent innovation,absorbing the internation-al advanced development concept and manufacturing technology.launching a broad and comprehensive cooperation.

Eromei will continue to concentrate on thesegment technology research, enhance our technical force, perfect product structure, improve service quality,stride forward towards thequality, technology and enterprise culture!




1.Where is EROMEI located? Can I visit your factory to see your equipment and products?

EROMEI is located at Zhongshan City, Guangdong Province, China.
You are welcome to visit us at any time. We have staff and showrooms to accommodate you if you want to come and visit, also we can arrange a demo for you. You can also check all of our products and equipment on our website and we will be glad to speak with you in person regarding our products and equipment and provide detailed quotes.

2. How about your lead time? Can I track my production and shipment once I pay for it?

Normally our Lead time is 30 to 60 days. But for some popular models, we have product ready in stock, welcome to contact us for our Stock Availability.
you can track your production and shipment. Once payment is done, our customer service department will send you trackinginformation via email.

3.How about the warranty?

a)Quality warranty for our machinery:a) The warranty is valid for one year from the date the buyer receiving the machine.
b) Wewarrant to our customer that for any problem caused by defects in material or workmanship, we will send parts to you free of charge with freight prepaid and instruct you to fix the problem.
c) The warranty does not apply to any part of the commodities which has been subjected to improper or abnormal use, and the expenses on new parts and freight shall be borne by the customer. We will provide repair instructions for free.
d) Some of the parts be considered as consumable items in our manuals will not be covered in the warranty term.

4. How about the aftersales service?

We have engineers available to send to your country to help you with the training and trouble shooting. Also we can solve your problems through video call, telephone or Email.

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