Portable x ray machine for Portable Mobile Digital Dental X ray Equipment

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Product Overview


Portable x ray machine for Portable Mobile Digital Dental X-ray Equipment


The portable x ray machine PORX ,It use new technology and new process to make the normal product to be diversified. The product has the advantages of high-efficiency, Clear imaging, Loe leak radial. It is easy to carry .

Product description :

Portable Dental X-ray Machine with Hand Control Switch is an advanced high frequency dental X-ray apparatus with fixed 60kVDC and 2mA tube current which is designed to produce diagnostic high quality X-ray for both film and digital sensors.

When X-rays are taken, the device can be either hand-held or mounted on an optional tripod or arms.

Technical Parameter

Product Name

portable x ray machine

Power Supply

AC220V±10%, 50/60Hz  1kVA

Tube Voltage


Tube Current


Time of Exposure


Focus size


Total filtration



Intended Use :

The PORX X-ray system is intended to be used by trained dentists and dental technicians as an extra-oral X-ray source for diagnostic X-ray images using intra-oral image receptors and film. Its use is intended for both adult and pediatric subjects.


Detailed Description
Portable PORX intraoral X-ray features

1, Light weight for potinum hand-held use.

2, The least radiation exposure but high quality X-ray.

3, Micro-computer and specialized circuit that monitors and precisely regulates the exposure technique factors (kV, mA and exposure time)

4, Simple up and down arrows adjust exposure setting by 0.01 second (0.01-1.60sec.)

5, Anatomical select buttons.

6, Pre-programmed exposure time makes the operation fast and easy.

7, Uniquely designed internal lead shield protects the operator and the patient from dispersed radiation.


Constant emission power technology

The PORX emits continuous X-ray radiation during an exposure rather than in bursts, as in conventional X-rays, (as illustrated), which can reduce radiation dosage by up to as much as 30%.



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