25 series Silence type Plastic cable chain Drag chain PA66 wire carrier for CNC machine

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     25 Series Plastic Cable Chain

                                         Silence Type

Product Description


Product Name

25 Series Plastic Cable Chain

Usage used for cables protection




                              Brief Introduction to Engineering Plastic cable carriers

1.     Applications and Characteristic of cable chain

(1). Cable chain are used along with reciprocating motions, so as to guide and protect cables, oil pipes and gas pipes inside.

(2). Each joint can be opened, which makes it easier to install and maintain. They are low noise and wear-proof. They can be operated at high speed.

(3).Cable chain have been widely used in CNC machine tool, electric equipment, machinery for stone, glass and window industries, plastic injection molding machines, manipulators, lifting and important equipment and automated warehouses.

2.  Structure of Carrier

  (1). The shape of cable carrier is like tank tracks. It consists of many joints, which can spin on the joint next to it.

  (2).For cable carriers of the same series, the inside and outside dimensions, as well as the pitch lengths is the same. There are many choices for the inside dimension and bending radius.

  (3).Each joint consists of link joints on both sides and cover plates on top and bottom. Every joint can be opened, which makes it easy to install and disassemble without threading the cables. All you need to do is open the cover plate then put the cables, oil pipe and gas pipe inside.

(4).Separators are provided for space arrangement inside the cable carrier.

Series No.

Inside Height


Inside Width


Outside Height


Outside Width


Bending Radius

Opening Way


25 Series (Exterior Open)





257735 100
Product Drawing


3.  Basic Parameters of the Cable Carrier

  (1). Material: Reinforced Nylon, which can stand against high pressure and tensile force. The excellent flexibility , elasticity , abrasive and fire resistance contributes the high stability. The reliable performance in high temperature makes it possible for outdoor operation.

  (2). Resistance: oil and salt resistance, with certain resistance against acid and alkali.

  (3). Running speed and acceleration speed: Maximum speed can reach 5 meters per second, maximum acceleration speed can reach 5 meters per square seconds (practical speed and acceleration speed depend on the situation).

  (4). Service life: In normal operation without support , 5 million reciprocating cycles can be reached. (service life depend on the situation).

4. Principle of Cable carrier selection:

  (1) Inside height: taking the diameter of the thickest one as reference among the cables , oil pipes, gas pipes, and water pipes to be put inside the carriers, add at least 10% more as the inside height of the stacking the reference.

  (2). Inside width : take the sum diameter of the thickest ones as reference among the cables , oil pipes, gas pipes and water pipes, add at least 10% as the inside width of the cable carriers.

  (3). Bending radius: take the largest bending radius as reference among the cables ,oil pipe ,gas pipe and water pipes, leave at least 10% spare room.

  (4).Leave 15% spare room for the normal motion of cables , so that there won’t be any tensile force against from the radial direction.

  (5). Cables of huge diameter differences shall be arranged separately, so that the weight distribution can be balanced. Use separators when necessary.

  (6). In the high speed and high frequency operations, arrange the cables parallelly separated, so that they won’t overlap. Saperators are recommended when there are numbers of cables and pipes.

5. Installation of cable carrier

  (1). Take a flat-blade screwdriver and open the covering plate by inserting the screwdriver into the hole at either end. Then put the cables and pipes in the cable carrier according to the principles. And the last thing is to put the covering plate back. Besides, the fixed end and the moving end of the cables shall be secured with anti-tension devices.

  (2). For long distance slide run applications, guide slots are recommended. Please consult the technicians for application and installation of guide slots.








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