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Biological Pesticide, agricultural bio agent, pangoo plant grower, solve Soil compaction and acidification

The experiment base: HeJian Lin Wan ecology park

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In winter,common greenhouse problems!

Soil compaction, acidification, fertility decline,

Various soil borne diseases!


Caused by:

Continuous cropping for a long time.

Chemical fertilizers and pesticides used for a long time.

Wet and high temperature in greenhouse.

The day's shorten in winter, temperature lower, sunlight lacked,  and greenhouses closed time longer, etc.

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Effective microorganisms preparation

1. Microbes in the soil can secrete mucus, prompting a lot more sugars soil aggregate, and constantly slow fermentation with loose soil in the soil, improve soil permeability and protecting fertilizer water retention, eliminate harden, acidification, increase the ground temperature, crop root system developed, thrive.


2. Microbes can fully phosphate-solubilizing, releasing, nitrogen fixation, decomposition of soil nutrients, improve the utilization rate of fertilizer and fertilizer effect, reduce fertilizer use, improve the level of soil organic matter, improve soil fertility and increase crop drought resistance, cold resistance, disease resistance, promote crop growth robust;And provide rich, abundant, fine to crop nutrition, improve the quality of agricultural products.


3. Microbial dissolve in the water can not only effectively eliminate the toxins such as hydrogen sulfide, ammonia, methyl mercaptan, solve the problem of roots rotted, root rot, etc;And can use hydrogen sulfide, carbon dioxide, water and sunlight or heat energy, convert it into monosaccharides and sulfuric acid root, with ammonia synthesis for ammonium sulfate and sulfuric acid root, plant nutrients, crop production.

4. Microbial metabolism of bacteria increase to large Numbers can effectively remove soil pathogenic bacteria, inhibit the growth of c. elegans, eliminate the soil borne disease, promote healthy crops growth.

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