6W LED warning light red/blue word danger zone forklift light reversing border safety signal light 10 80V DC E9 (60714260346)

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Wholesale 10v 80v warehouse safety area warning mini led forklift blue light

40% of all forklift accidents involve a pedestrian. Ensure pedestrians stay a safe distance away from the forklift with the Red Zone Warning Light. The Red Zone puts a bright red line on the floor, near the forklift, to show pedestrians where they are not allowed. This zone can also be called the HALO zone and can be adjusted to the distance of your choice. The Red Zone helps prevent foot injuries

Wholesale 10v 80v warehouse safety area warning mini led forklift blue light

How is the Red Zone mounted, wired up and adjusted? The Red Zone lights are mounted to the sides of the forklift and can also be mounted on the rear and/or front. One Red Zone light is required for each side of the forklift you want to protect. They come with a tool free bracket so that you can quickly and easily mount them to the forklift’s overhead guard without modifying or damaging it in any way. Our Red Zone video shows the complete mounting process. They are mounted slightly in back of where the operator sits so as not to interfere with their progress as they get on and off the forklift

Wholesale 10v 80v warehouse safety area warning mini led forklift blue light

Voltage: 10~80V DC
Color: Red or Blue for optional
Life Time:>50000 Hours
Working Temperature: -45 ~85°C 
Light Resource: HIGH POWER LED 
Application: Forklift, heavy-duty machine for safety zone

What types of forklifts can the Red Zone be used on?
The Red Zone lights were designed for any forklift used primarily indoors. They can be used on any type of forklift including sit downs, stand ups, tuggers and more. If you will be using them on man up forklifts, like order pickers and turret trucks, buy one set to try first before ordering for your fleet to ensure they will work at your heights and in your specific application. The Red Zone lights can be used on any fuel type including, but not limited to propane, gas, diesel, natural gas, electric, etc. While the Red Zone lights are weatherproof and can be taken outside, they are not bright enough to be effective outside on sunny days. They will be more effective outside during dusk, dawn or night times.












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