factory direct transmission parts friction disc friction plate for sale

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factory direct transmission parts friction disc friction plate for sale


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 factory direct transmission parts friction disc friction plate for sale

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6.Have cooperated with many importers in us for more than 5 years.



Technical Features

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Product Series

Please contact us if you require other series friction disc or other machinery spare parts for excavator, bulldozer, loader...


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725193FM3072MP77INT TH241.3x158.8x1.69.5x6.25x0.06
725224FM1607119EXT TH254x171.25x4.710x6.75x0.18
D39615FM040572EXT TH210.8x146.1x8.28.3x5.75x0.125
410 283 7AFM3946MP67(70)EX TH191x130x37.52x5.12x0.118
410 283 9AFM357535INT TH179x103x3.57.05x4.05x0.138
35634-3400AFM356130INT TH131x79.2x2.65.16x3.12x0.102
35634-3700FM356130INT TH131x79.2x2.65.16x3.12x0.102

ALLISCHALMERS (also see Fiatallis)

1004870FM1216MP60EXT TH154.2x113.8x1.86.07x4.48x0.07
1004876FM1307OE52INT TH148.6x107.7x2.65.85x4.24x0.102
1005843FM1305OE52INT TH148.6x107.7x2.65.85x4.24x0.102
1018221FM5442MP54EXT TH139.2x98.2x8.35.48x3.87x0.327
1018222FM1324MP54EXT TH139.2x98.6x1.85.48x3.88x0.07
1018224FM193545INT TH133.1x92.7x1.65.24x3.65x0.063
1018225FM5452MP54EXT TH139.2x98.2x8.75.48x3.87x0.343
1018238FM193359INT TH190.8x147.3x37.51x5.8x0.118
1018239FM1938MP3EXT LG214.9x155.7x1.88.46x6.13x0.07
5196303FM1938MP3EXT TH214.9x155.7x1.88.46x6.13x0.07
5197160FM164945INT TH133.1x92.7x1.65.24x3.65x0.063
6702963FM6694MP6EXT LG413.3x323.7x316.27x12.74x0.118
6703050FM6692MP3EXT LG285.6x203.3x311.24x8x0.118
6758737FM4910MP8EXT LG311.2x235x512.25x9.25x0.197
6759048FM53134INT TH243.8x204.2x6.39.6x8.04x0.247
6768446FM196560INT TH253.7x187.5x3.99.99x7.38x0.153

Packaging & Delivery

 Card board package or according to buyer's request 

1. Delivery terms:by sea/ by air  

2. Delivery times:7-15 Days



 Payment terms: Trade Assurance  T/T, L/C, D/P, Credit Card, Western Union etc; for others, please contact us. 

Trade Assurance: That is new service provided by alibaba, which can provides buyers with a number of trade safeguards protect buyers’ payment to suppliers, and to ensure suppliers fulfill their obligations regarding order delivery time and product quality.


Trade terms:FOB/EXW/CIF



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Relying on SHANTUI Construction Machinery, based on domestic and abroad e-commerce platform, Jining Infront Construction Machinery Co.,Ltd  is a professional international trading company, which is entitled to import and export rights and specializing in cross-border online sales of large-scale construction machine.

Our main products are Bulldozer, Excavator, Wheel loader, and machinery spare parts, which meet domestic trade and  exported to Europe, Africa, America, Russia, etc.

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