Aolide high hardness 1.7mm digital flexographic polymer printing plate

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AOLIDE digital flexographic printing plate series

TypeAD394 -ⅠAD394 -ⅡAD318 -ⅠAD284 -ⅠAD254 -Ⅰ
Platethickness (mm)3.943.943.182.842.54
Durometer (Shore A)43-4538-3637-3945-4856
Recommended relief depth  (mm)1.8-2.01.8-2.00.9-1.51.0-1.41.0-1.2
Image reproduction2~98%2~98%2~98%2~98%2~98%
Maximum line, line/inch100100120120133
Minimum isolated
0.20mm (0.008inch)0.20mm (0.008inch)0.175mm (0.007inch)0.15mm (0.006inch)0.15mm (0.006inch)
Minimum isolated
0.40mm (0.016inch)0.40mm (0.016inch)0.25mm (0.01inch)0.25mm (0.01inch)0.25mm (0.01inch)
Compatible inkSuitable for water and alcohol-based ink,incompatible with oil-based ink,hydrocarbon solvent or the ink containing ethyl acetate of more than 25%
Main applicationLabel,Flexible package,Carry bag,Folded paper box,Napkin,Beverage package


TypeAD170 -ⅠAD170 -ⅡAD114 -ⅠAD114 -Ⅱ
Platethickness (mm)1.701.701.141.14
Durometer (Shore A)60-6270-7269-7275-76
Recommended relief depth  (mm)0.7-0.90.7-0.90.6-0.70.6-0.7
Image reproduction1~98%1~98%1~98%1~98%
Maximum line, line/inch150150150150
Minimum isolated
0.15mm (0.0059inch)0.10mm (0.004inch)0.10mm (0.004inch)0.10mm (0.004inch)
Minimum isolated
0.20mm (0.0079inch)0.20mm (0.0079inch)0.20mm (0.0079inch)0.20mm (0.0079inch)
Compatible inkSuitable for UV ink, some tested solvent inks, besides water and
alcohol-based ink
Suitable for water , alcohol-based ink and UV-ink
Main applicationFilm,Label,flexible package, Carry bag,Folded paper box ,
Beverage package
Film,Label,flexible package, Beverage package printing and


Size of AOLIDE digital flexographic printing plate

TypeAD394 -Ⅰ AD394 -ⅡAD318 -ⅠAD284 -ⅡAD254 -Ⅰ
Plate thickness(mm)3.943.182.842.54
Size mm(inch)762×1016      (30×40)
1067×1524    (42×60)
1067×2032    (42×80)
1200×2032  (47.2×80)----
1270×2032    (50×80)


Type AD170 -ⅠAD170 -ⅡAD114 -ⅠAD114 -Ⅱ
Plate thickness(mm)1.701.701.141.14
Size mm(inch)762×1016      (30×40)
1067×1524    (42×60)
1067×2032    (42×80)
1200×2032 (47.2×80)----
1270×2032    (50×80)


Technical specification of AOLIDE digital flexographic printing plate

TypeAD394 -ⅠAD394 -ⅡAD318 -ⅠAD284 -ⅠAD254 -Ⅰ
Plate thickness( mm)3.943.943.182.842.54
Back Exposure(seconds)35-6050-7025-7525-4025-35
Main Exposure(minutes)12-2012-208-2012-2012-18
Detackfying (minutes)5-85-85-75-85-8
Post exposure(minutes)55555


TypeAD170 -ⅠAD170 -ⅡAD114 -ⅠAD114 -Ⅱ
Plate thickness( mm)1.701.701.141.14
Back Exposure(seconds)25-4025-4035-6035-70
Main Exposure(minutes)12-2012-2010-1810-18
Detackfying (minutes)5-85-85-75-8
Post exposure(minutes)5555


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Suzhou Aolide was founded in 2006 by senior experts and scholars in the printing industry. Located in Suzhou, close to Shanghai Port, so the transportation is extremely convenient. Suzhou Aolide has modern workshops and specialized production lines and testing equipments, as well as a professional design and development team, industry senior management and technical personnel. At present, Aolide has developed into a first-class printing industry system supply provider in China.
Suzhou Aolide's business covers the design of flexographic plate-making schemes, technical consultation,  the production and sales of plate-making equipment and printing materials. The company has provided product and service support to partners in more than 57 countries.
Suzhou Aolide always adheres to the business philosophy of "customers first, employees first, reputation first", and strives to provide domestic and foreign users with the most cost-effective products and the most satisfactory services. We adheres to the path of technological innovation and sustainable development, and strives to be a world-class system supply provider for the printing industry._26_27_28 

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