Organic polysilazane for ceramic car paint coating (60761272500)

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Product Description

Organopolysilazane (room temperature curing coating resin) IOTA-OPSZ-9150
IOTA OPSZ-9150 is a transparent, batch-stable preparation new polysilazane resin, the structure is as follows:

The product has a unique Si-NH-Si bond, can be cured at room temperature, curing mainly involved in the reaction of Si-NH-Si hydrolysis and oxidation. While the Si-NH-Si bond and the substrate surface-OH easily react, and bring the substrate and good adhesion. Addition the appropriate catalyst in the resin can promote Si-H and Si-NH-Si reaction, after curing resin to form three-dimensional cross-linked structure, giving the material good mechanical properties, hardness can be as high as 9H.

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OPSZ-9150 is a transparent solid after curing.

OPSZ-9150 can anti-alcohol, ketones and other organic solvents after curing with.

OPSZ-9150 is a one-component product. It is soluble in polar and non-polar solvents, such as ethers and alkanes, but can't be diluted with alcohol solvents or wate


Non-combustible (after curing)
Anti-oxidation, anti-corrosion
Room temperature curing
Construction convenient
Good persistence
Easy to clean


Colorless transparent liquid
Solid content
Auxiliary content
50 cPs
Liquid density
0.95 g / ml
Density after curing
1.3 g / ml
Dry time
2 hours
Fully cured (20-25 ° C)
3 days
Hardness after curing
Room temperature curing for 1 day: 4H
 Room temperature curing for 3 days: 6H
              Room temperature 3 hours, 120 degrees 2h: 8H
Transmittance (visible light)
> 90%
Water contact angle
 105 °
Metal adhesion (grid method)
0 level
                                        Anti-graffiti building, metal anti-corrosion coating
                                        Silicone curing agent
        Ordinary organic resin hardening agent

Packing & Delivery

5 liters metal sealed drum.


Proper cleaning is important. After using, promptly use acetone or solvent oil to wipe the tool cleaning.
OPSZ-9150 cured, ordinary solvents can't be washed away. Can be used strong alkali, such as sodium hydroxide 10% aqueous solution soak for 5 hours or more to remove.


Shelf life: 2years; after the application, it depend on the protective measures, sealed low temperature drying case, the applicable period of more than half a year.

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