Household Automatic washing machine detergent cleaner powder

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Household Automatic washing machine detergent cleaner powder

ProductWashing Machine Cleaner(125g)
Main components:Surfactant
DesprictionColor:WhiteShape: Gel powder
CartonQTY36 pcsN (according to the requirement of the client)
MaterialDouble Wall Corrugated cartons(175+150+165+150+175)g/M²,Yellow or white
Size50*34*17 MM
QTY of 20FT1000 CTNS
Shipping RequirementsNon-Flammable Solid
Normal Goods
HS Code:33074900
Delivery Time15 days
Main BuyersAfrica, South America,the Middle East




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Product features


1, Strong cleaning ability: Effective in dissolves dirt, grime, detergent and mold remains that accumulate on the trough of the washer.
2, Strong eliminate the musty taste. Effective in removing residue and mildew that causes odor.
3, Sterilization. Effective in killing the bacterium and germs of the washing machine washer
4, Fragrance. Make the clothes and washer smell better.
5, Improves efficiency of washing machines.
6, Cleaner washer, cleaner clothes.
7, Enzyme odor cleaner technology, comprehensive protection for cleaning machine.
8, Non-corrosive.Ingredients are not corrosive and will not damage washing machine.


Application range


1. General washing machine plastic and stainless steel tank;


2. Automatic washing machine.




1, Remove clothing or other items from washer before use.
2, Empty one bag of the cleaning powder into the drum of the washer. Do NOT empty cleaning powder into the dispenser.
3, Run the machine for a full washing cycle with warm water.
4, Use two bags the first time or when the odor is present.
5, Use one bag per month for regular cleaning.



1, Keep out of reach of children.
2, DO NOT SWALLOW, if swallowed contact doctor immediately.
3, May irrigate eyes or skin. In case of eye contact, rinse with plenty of water and seek medical advice.
4, Store in cool and dry places and away from sunlight.




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