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Basic Function


Low-frequency square-wave exciting,exciting frequency:5.000Hz(1/10),4.167Hz(1/12),3.125Hz(1/16);

Exciting current:125mA

No need to add additional electrodefor empty pipeline measurement;

Current speed range:0.1 --- 15m/s,current speed resolution:1mm/s;

AC liner power, range of voltage:220VAC(±10%); “Switching Mode Power Supply” mode, it is may support the 85-264VAC,

DC power:DC24V(±10%);

Communication function: MODBUS RTU protocol ( RS-232 or RS-485) standard;

Or HART communication / PROFIBUS-PA / Battery option;

Analog output:0-10mA or 4-20 Ma;

Equivalent pulse output can be set;

Three integrator gross inside, respective register:Forward integrated flow, reverse integrated flow, difference integrated flow.

Alarm functions: support excitation, pipes empty, Upper and lower alarm;

Small flow linear correction functions: Support small flow four-point liner correction;

Data back up and restore: manufacturer original information backup and restore; Data export and import: use of external EEPROM can import, export the instrument parameters   (except converter parameters)and accumulation


NEW house 

The measuring data and status display as flows:


Note: When there more than one alarm, the alarm status display cycle.

FQH --- Flow high limit alarm                FQL---Flow low limit alarm

FGP --- Flow empty pipe alarm             SYS --- System exciting alarm




E8000 Wiring Terminal: 







 1,  Intelligent Excitation: Sensor resistance ranges from 30 to 110 ohms. The excitation voltage can be automatically adjusted according to the impedance, which can reduce heat of the circuit board and the temperature drift. 

 2, Real-time drift control technology: Eliminate automatically the potential drift of measuring electrode and the amplifier circuit drift. 

 3,  Turndown ratio 150:1 

 4,  Multiple variables can be displayed simultaneously: instantaneous flow, total flow, flow rate, positive flow, negative flow, and the alarm state. 

 5,  English / Korea/ Portuguese / Chinese support. 

 6,  Data backup and restore. 

 7,  Various alarm functions: support excitation, pipes empty, upper and lower alarm. 

 8,  Small flow linear correction functions: Support small flow four-point linear correction. 

 9, Converters and sensors coefficients can be set independently. Converter interchangeable. 

10, Various output interfaces are available:

         Analog output: 4 ~ 20mA or 0 ~ 10mA current loop output  

         Pulse or frequency output

         Switch alarm output 

11,  RS485 communication, or HART communication option 

12,  Modular design, ensuring high reliability, consistency, and long-term stability.  






The flow and the flow rate corresponding table: 




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