Sound Insulation Material Wall Soundproof Cladding Sound Deadening (60778244357)

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Sound Insulation Material Wall Soundproof Cladding Sound Deadening


Huiacoustics flexible mass loaded vinyl is a soundproofing felt having a certain flexibility of rubber. With polymer materials as the main raw material, it's mainly used with MgO or gypsum board for wall insulation and ceiling insulation, and also applies to pipes, machinery noise and vibration damping devices. The sound insulation mass loaded vinyl can reduce the transmission energy of the incidence sound source and keep the room quiet.


E1 grade
PVC/rubber+iron powder
B1 grade
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 Sound Insulation Material Wall Soundproof Cladding Sound DeadeningPVC Mass Loaded Vinyl



 Soundproof Mat

Acoustical Felt


Construction Method

(1) Clear up the walls.
(2) Install the vibration attenuation keels, with interval distance about 600mm. The interspace can be filled with sound-absorption cotton. Try avoid the rigid contact, and lay mass loaded vinyl in the keel internal nail place.
(3) Install plasterboard or MgO board to the keel, then stick to mass loaded vinyl, again the fire-sound proof composite board, and use multi-use mucilage or screws to fix the sound insulation blanket.
(4) Sealed all the joint places with building sealant.



Sound Insulation Felt


(1) Home application (wall soundproofing, ceiling sound insulation, pipe soundproofing)
(2) Entertainment application: KTV, hotel, bar, night club, disco, cinema...
(3) Workplace application: office building, meeting room, office room, studio, recording room...
(4) Industrial place application: air conditioning facilities, air compressor room,pumping station, manufacture workshop.


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Soundproofing Material


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 About Us Hui Acoustics -  Sound Insulation Material Wall Soundproof Cladding Sound Deadening


Hui Acoustics is a manufacturer for various soundproof materials, decorative materials for wall, ceiling and floors. Our company manufacturers all kinds of decorative panel, acoustic panel, wooden acoustic panel. Our experience of working with architectural designers in providing long term solutions for various environmental settings has enabled us to develop high quality in our acoustic products.

Most importantly, we highly value customer satisfaction. One of the key benefits we uphold for our clients is the feasibility of creating an acoustically adjusted environment at affordable cost. We are factory supplier and the client can be wholesaler, project owner or retailor.


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