Пневмоподушки LR016403 воздушная подвеска воздушные шары для LR3 передние 2004 2013 пневматическая подвеска Шок Airmatic ремонтный комплект (60784514595)

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Product Overview


Air Bag Springs LR016403 Air Suspension Balloons for LR3 front 2004-2013 Air Suspension Shock Airmatic Repair Kit 



Product Description


Air Bag Springs LR016403 Air Suspension Balloons for LR3 front 2004-2013 Air Suspension Shock Airmatic Repair Kit 


Quick Details:


Description:LR016403 air suspension balloons for LR3 front air suspension springs


Model:For LR3 LR016403




Condition: Brand New


Fitting Position:Front


Material: Rubber Steel Aluminum


Application:For LR3 LR016403


Warranty: 12 months


Delivery: 3-7 days after receiving payment


LR016403 air suspension balloons for LR3 front air suspension springs
Condition:Brand New
Place of origin:China,Guangdong
Warranty:1 year
Delivery time:3~7 days
Application:For LR3 LR016403
Years:2004 - 2013
Package:Neutral Packing or as Requirement
Trade term:Ex-WORK;FOB;CNF
Model:For LR3 LR016403
Fitting position:Front


Air Spring

An air spring is a rubber and fabric bladder that holds air pressure to support a load and isolate passengers and cargo from the shock of motion caused by road irregularities.  As the air pressure increases, the air spring can support more load while the spring rate increases.  The larger the air spring, the greater the maximum load it can support.


Product Photo:LR016403 66.jpgLR016403  33.jpg


The Product OEM Overview


Air Suspension Shock Strut Air Absorber


Air Suspension Shock Absorber 


A2303200438  A2303200338  A2303208613  A2303208513 2303200213 2303204138 2303200213 2303204138 2303206713 2303208513 


A2513201931 2513203013 2513202231 2513200730 2513200730 2513203113 2513200425


A1643201204  A1643200731 1643206013 1643204513 1643205813 1643206113 1643202031 1643202431 1643200130 1643200130 

W220(4 Matic)

A2203202238  A2203202138


2203202438  2203205013

W221(4 Matic)

A2213200438  A2213200538


A2213205613  A2213205513


A2113206113  A2113206013 2113209513 2113201938 2113209613 2113202038 2113209313 2113205338 2113205538 2113209413 2113208413 2113205638 2113205438 2113205613 

Air Suspension Shock Absorber 


37126791675  37126791676

E66(with ADS)

37126785535 37126785536

E65 E66

37126785537 37126785538

E53 X5

37116757501  37116757502 37116761443 37116761444

Air Shock Absorber 


RNB000740G RNB000750G  L2012885 


LR019993  LR023234 LR023235 Lr032652 LR020001

Discovery 3

RNB501580  RTD501090 RNB501180 LR018398 RNB000858 RNB501610 RNB501220 RNB501480 RDP500433 RDP500434 RDP000308 RDP000309 RDP500880

Airmatic Shock Absorber 

A6 4F C6 

4F0616039AA 4F0616040AA 

Q7 (Front)

7L6616039D 7L6 616 040D 

Q7 (Rear)

7L5616019D 7L5616020D 


7P6616039N  7P6616040N 

A8 D3

4E0616039AF  4E0616040AF 4E06166001E 4E0616002E

A8 D4

4H0616039AD 4H0616039H 4H0616039AK 4H0616039T 4H0616039AJ 4H0616039AB 4H0616039AE 4G0616039AA 4H0616040AD 4H0616039H 3Y5616039C 4H0616040AB 4H0616040AK 4H0616040T 4H0616040AJ 4H0616040AE 4G0616040AA 4H6616001F 3Y5616040C 4H6616001G 4H6616001M 4H6616001C 4H0616001N 4H6616002F 4H6616002G 4H0616002M 4H0616002C 4H0616002N


3D0616039D  3D0616040D  3D0616001J  3D0616002J 3D0616039H 3D0616039L 3D0616039 3D5616039 3D7616039 3W0616039 3D0616040L 3D0616040M 3D0616040N 3D0616040T 3W8616040E 3D0616001 3W5616001a 3D0616001F 3D0616001G 3D0616001H 3D0616001K 3D0616002 3W5616002a 3D0616002F 3D0616002G

Company Information


   Ainott Auto Parts industry is a leading experienced manufacturer for air suspension products, who started producing air suspension at 2007 in China. We have 4 outstanding engineers for quality control and new products developing with 20,000 square meters workshop and warehouse.


  We own 15 professional salesman for mainland and international sales. We manufacture and supply air suspension components and crimping machines to other small factories in China and abroad. Quality is our culture,warranty is our promise. With us,your business is safe.


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Packaging & Shipping

Packaging Details

Neutral packing or according to your requirements                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               

By Sea,by air or by Express like DHL as per your request


Delivery Time           3~7 days 


Production Process


Logistics Information



Q1:What's your advantage?
1. Resonable price ,good service
2. Reliable quality , long working life
3. Quick and safe modes of payment
4. Ships items timely and quickly
5. Best Warranty,easy return
6. Our products are exported to most countries in the world.

Q2:To which places have you exported?
North America, Europe, Middle East, Africa, Southeast Asia?and so on.

Q3:How about your delivery time?
5-7 Working days after receiving your payment.

Q4:Product categories
1. Air Suspension Springs and Shock Absorbers
2. Passenger Car Air Spring Rubber
3. Truck Suspension Cabin Air Springs
4. Spare Parts for Air Suspension Shock Absorbers
5. Convoluted Air Springs
6. Air Suspension Compressor
7.Engine Turbocharger   
8. Power Steering Pump

Q5.How to guarantee your after sales service?
1.Strict inspection during production
2. Recheck the products before shipment to ensure our packaging in good condition
3. Track and receive feedback from our customers

Q6.What will you do for customer's complaint?
We will respond quickly to our customers within 24 hours.




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