wholesale SPEC 460nm 465nm 3-YEAR warranty ROHS 3V 1W diode color blue led 3030 for Plant Growing Light

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Product Overview


wholesale SPEC 460nm 465nm  3-YEAR warranty ROHS 3V 1W diode color blue led 3030 for Plant Growing Light


Main Parameters

Absolute Maximum Ratings (Temperature=25°C):
Parameter    Symbol Rating Unit
Forward Current    IF   300 mA
Pulse Forward Current  IFP  450 mA
Reverse Voltage VR   5   V
Operating Temperature TOPR-40~+105 ℃
Storage Temperature Tstg-40~+105  ℃
Power Dissipation PD1.02  W
















Outstanding Features:

1. High PPE: 3.0umol/J@60mA PPE to  full filled plant photosynthesis
2. Ceritified by LM-80 in DLC Q90 Standard
3. Free servive in profesional Light distribution
4. Complete ranges of wave lengths: 265~950nm, available for choice
5. Competitive prices: 30~40% cost saved than Samsung LEDs.

6. Low thermal resistance

7. High reliable packages with superior lifetime and corrosion stability


1. Blue light (430nm-450nm)

Those wavelengths encourage vegetative growth and are essential in lighting for

seedlings and young plants during the vegetative stage of their growth cycle, especially

when “stretching” must be reduced or eliminated. 

It also stimulates the production of secondary pigments which can enhance colors and is known to also stimulate Terpene (i.e. fragrance) production.


2. Red light (640nm-680nm)

Red light affects phytochrome reversibility and is the most important for flowering and fruiting regulation.

These wavelengths encourage stem growth, flowering and fruit production, and chlorophyll production.

The 660nm wavelength has a very strong photosynthetic action and also exhibits the highest action on red-absorbing phytochrome regulated germination, flowering and other processes.

Most effective for light cycle extension or night interruption to induce flowering of long-day plants or to prevent flowering of short-day plants.


3.Green light (500nm-550nm)

Most green light is reflected off the plant and plays a much smaller role in plant growth.

However, there are some important aspects of light in this range so a certain amount of light in this spectrum range is beneficial.

Green light is sometimes used as a tool for eliciting specific plant responses such as stomatal control, phototropism, photomorphogenic growth and environmental signaling.

When combined with blue, red and far-red wavelengths, green light completes a comprehensive spectral treatment for understanding plant physiological activity.

The function of green light is less well understood than the other spectrums, and there are only certain species of plants that require green light for normal growth. It’s effects appear to be very strain specific.


4.Far red (730nm)

Although the 730nm wavelength is outside the photosynthetically active range, it has the strongest action on the far-red absorbing form of phytochrome, converting it back to the red-absorbing form.

It becomes necessary for plants requiring relatively low values of the phytochrome photoequilibrium to flower.

Can be used at the end of each light cycle to promote flowering in short-day plants such as Cannabis.

Also, a higher ratio of far-red to red than found in sunlight can trigger the shade stretch response- where a plant when sensing it is shaded based on an elevated ratio of far-red to red- will stretch to try to elevate its canopy above its competitors.


Product Dimension

3030 blue pad.jpg

 Factory Insurnce:Automatically Dust-free Production line 



 LM80/IEC EN62471/ROHS/REACHquality certified

LM80 3535 660.jpg

IEC EN62471.jpg




plant factory01 (2)plant factory01 (1)green house 01


Strong Package upon international logistic regulation:  

Vacuum package+ Outer carton





1. Spectrum What energy will my plants receive?

    Spectrum is the single most important feature when choosing any grow light.

The quality of light can have dramatic affects on plant quality and yield.

2. Intensity How much light is being provided?

     Intensity is key to successful plant growth yet can be very misleading if it is the only metric considered.

3 .Uniformity How consistent is the light intensity over the coverage area?

    Uniformity is the ability of the product to evenly distribute light over the canopy.

    It must not be overlooked.

4. Efficacy How efficient is the system? Is this important for plant growth?

    Efficacy DOES NOT represent the full capability of the lighting system and can actually understate its growing capacity.



Q: How long has your company been in LED filed?

A: Established in 2008, LEDSTAR has developed to a professional LED manufacturer with more than 4000 square meters dust free workshop located in DONGGUAN city, GuangDong Province, China.


Q: How does product quality guaranteed?

A: All LED are with 3 years’ warranty. During the warranty time, if any led fails by nature, LEDSTAR will provide new LED for replacement for free within 15 working days after complain reported.

Any failure caused by artificial damage or improper usage is not covered by the guarantee.


Q: Would you offer free samples?

A: Yes. For standard white LED, we can apply 10pieces free sample for you with freight and custom duties collected.


Q: What is the MOQ?

A: Normally, MOQ is 1000pcs per item for standard items.

For sample order, we will try our best to support you at requested quantity.


Q: What about the lead time?

A: It depends on the order quantity. Generally the lead time should be 3-15 working days.


Q: What payment method do you accept?

A: We accept T/T, Paypal, Western Union, L/C. Other payment methods can be negotiated.


Q: How can I get a quotation from you?

A: Detailed quotation sheet will be provided upon your requests with specific requirements: lumen, size, current, voltage, color, quantity and etc. You can get in touch with us by sending us massage or inquiry from Ali baba. Response will be made with 2 hours at working time.


Q: How do you ship the goods and how long does it take to arrive?

A: DHL, UPS, FedEx or TNT. It usually takes 2-6 working days to arrive.

Airline and sea shipping also are optional.




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