Homemade Chocolate Bar Production Line Chocolate Making Machine In Gujarat

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Automatic Germany Home Use Chocolate Making Machine For Sale

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Chocolate Making Machine In Gujarat

Chocolate Ingredient

All kinds of chocolate are made of sugar as the basic raw material, the general content is about 50%. Chocolate is mainly made of cocoa mass, cocoa butter and cocoa powder, but also sugar, dairy products, lecithin, spices and surfactants components.

Chocolate Production Line


No.Machine NameCapacity
1Sugar Grinding machine250(kg/h)
2Chocolate Melting Machine200-1000(L)
3Chocolate Conching Machine500-3000(L)
4Chocolate Ball Mill Machine200-250(kg/h)
5Chocolate Melanger500-5000(L)
6chocolate tempering machine500-2000(kg/h)
7Chocolate Depositing Machine50-150(kg/h)
8chocolate enrobing machine10(m/min)
9Chocolate Chip Machine20(times/min)
10Chocolate Ball Making Machine150-225(kg/h)
11Chocolate Decorating Machine10(m/min)
12Oatmeal Chocolate Forming Machine8-10(Pieces of Mould/Minutes)
13Chocolate Pump25-80(L/min)

suzhou chocolate machine


chocolate production equipment

The traditional method of chocolate balI milling requires 48,72h, different types of chocolate, refining time also requires different, milk chocolateS' refining time is about 24h, while dark chocolate with high cocoa content takes about 48h. The refining temperature of the milk chocolate is 45,50 degree, while the dark chocolate is 60,70 degre

chocolate bar forming machine

Chocolate Depositing Machine can both be used for single color, two colors (left and right, up and down), three colors, big portion central fling. 3+2 refers to three chocolate depositing heads plus two nuts adding devices. Two models have functions of moulds pre-heating, depositing, moulds vibrating. moulds turning, cooling, de-molding and conveying.

Chocolate Chips Depositing Machine is for the production of chocolate chips in small drop-shape or button shape.

chocolate making machine small

Chocolate Enrobing Machine is used for whole coating, single-sided coating, partial coating and cooling. The general coating temperature is 24~27℃. If the temperature of the body is too low, it will cause the chocolate surface coating to rupture, the surface is apt to appear the reverse tide phenomenon, if the heart body temperature is too high, the surface will turn gray.

chocolate line productionmachine for chocolate production

chocolate machine/chocolate production line


For more chocolate processing machine,

chocolate process equipment

Fully Automatic Chocolate Making Machine In Chennai

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Fully Automatic Chocolate Making Machine In Chennai

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Fully Automatic Chocolate Making Machine In Chennai


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Fully Automatic Chocolate Making Machine In Chennai

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