Liquid Oilwell Cement Dispersant Additive (60813813860)

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Product Overview



  UPV-L Friction Reducer for Cementing

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UPV-L Friction Reducer for Cementing drag reducing agent (dispersing agent) can adjust the electric charge on the surfaces of cement particles to get proper cement rheology. As a result, it can reduce pump pressure, enhance drilling efficiency and used in construction easily.




2.The normal dosage is 0.6%~3.0% USZ (BWOC), and it is not confined to this range in some particular case.

3.Dissolve easily.

4.Increasing additive dosage, it can adjust the rheology of the cement slurry effectively, and reduce the consistency.

5.with good high temperature resistance, it can be used within 30℃~150℃ (BHCT).

6.Consolidate cement stones, enhance its compression strength and control fluid loss.

7.With certain retarding property.

8.Mixed with or without water.

9.Good compatibility with other additives.


proformance Index.jpg


Orange-yellow or reddish-brown liquid

Rheology(85℃, 0.1MPa, 20min)

n ≥ 0.5

Rheology(85℃, 0.1MPa, 20min)

k ≤

Initial consistency, (85℃,70.3MPa,44min )

Bc ≤ 20

Thickening time ratio(85℃,70.3MPa,44min )

1.0 - 2.0

Compression strength ratio(110℃,21MPa,24h )

≥ 0.80





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1. Is your company a factory/manufacture or a trading corporation?

    Beijing Oilchemleader Science & Technology Development Co., a production-oriented enterprise. The production base—Weihui Chemical Co., Ltd is our wholly owned subsidiary, whose building area is nearly 65,000 square meters with 6workshops and 6 production lines. We’re engaged in researching, manufacturing, selling and providing related technology services of oilfield chemicals for nearly about 30 years. We have a perfect production system of oilfield chemicals, five series products, such as cementing additives,drilling fluid additives,  oil-recovery additives, acidizing and fracturing additives and water-treatment additives, that can meet all the needs of chemicals of oil exploitation. 


2. Do you have any certificates? 

We have certificates of BV,API,ISO9001, ISO14001,OHSAS18001,China National laboratory, ASIA FAMOUS AND FINE BRAND, and a series of patent certificates and etc.


3.What about scientific research, technology and production capacity? 

    The company has 280 stuffs, of which Beijing has 50 stuffs and Weihui production base has 230 stuffs. In the company, 66 percent of the staffs are undergraduates, including 4 professors, 1 postdoctor, 4 masters, 1 senior engineer, and 86 engineers. There are more than 150 production equipments, and the annual production capacity is over 30,000 tons. With full set of API detection equipment, lab testing instruments more than 100 sets. In 2004,Company passed the national laboratory CNACL recognition,and in recent years, the company passed the quality, environment, occupational health and safety management system certification, passed the PetroChina,Sinopec HSE and API Spec Q1 quality management system certification, with excellent detection measures and quality assurance system.


4.Industry research and development

     Every year, the company hires famous domestic and foreign experts of petroleum industry to guide and teach the factory. And new environmental cementing and drilling additives are being developed and upgraded by our R&D team.


5.How about product sales? 

  Beijing Oilchemleader Science & Technology Development Co., LTD. is the Network designated manufacturer of CNPC (China National Petroleum Corporation), SinoPec (China Petrochemical Corporation) and CNOOC (China National Offshore Oil Corporation). Our products are sold throughout the major domestic oilfields and exported to Russia, Indonesia, Kazakhstan, Sudan, Nigeria, Saudi Arabia, etc, more than 20 countries. Our new products have substituted more than ten types of foreign oil-field chemical products, making a significant contribution to the exploration of China’s oilfield.

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