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Product Overview


XL6025-16 Arm length 60m harga tower crane for sale

Product Description


Tower crane is one of the most commonly used lifting equipment in construction site, also known as "tower crane". It is used to hang construction materials such as steel bar, corrugated, concrete, steel pipe, etc. by connecting section by section (referred to as "standard section"). Tower crane is an indispensable equipment on the construction site.
1:The function of the tower crane tip is to bear the upper load from the boom pulling rope and the balancing arm pulling rope, and to transfer directly to the tower body structure through the rotary tower, turntable, bearing and other structural components.
2:The balancing weight is required for all the upper rotary tower cranes, whose function is to support the balancing weight to form the balancing moment opposite to the direction of the lifting moment required in the design.
3: In addition to the counterweight, the lifting mechanism is often installed at its rear end.




rated parameters:

Total Power22kw
Max. Height266.6m
Arm length76m
Tip Load6.0t
Maximum lifting capacity100t
The tower is a standard section2.0*2.0*3.0m
Rope volume700m
Independent height47.6m
Gyration speed 0-0.7r/min



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75% of our products are exported to all over the world.

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Payment term is negotiable and there will be favorable payment terms for long-term customers.TT,L/C,D/P,depending on the cooperation time,country and contract value.

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