Multifunctional Endometrial Biopsy Pipelle Individually packed (60838453399)

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Product Overview



Multifunctional Endometrial Biopsy Pipelle Individually packed



  • For endometrial tissue sampling in gynecological examination



  • It allows a painless and easy routine screening of the endometrium avoiding dilation and traction of the uterus neck. The tip is rounded for an easy and smooth insertion. A plunger slides into an outer sheath with 2 side ports on the tip. Its anti-slip fingergrip assures a reliable suction and maximum control.

  • 3.2mm OD facilitates insertion

  • Depth markings aid catheter placement

  • Supplied in single pouch, single use, EO sterilized.


Simple technique. Proven clinical performance and reliability

  Created by a gynecologist, endometrial suction Curette insightful design affords a consistency of sample collection that can be relied upon time after time after time.


Rapid, simple technique:

The procedure takes less than a minute to perform and produces little if any post-procedure bleeding or patient discomfort. Completely self contained, the Endometrial Suction Curette requires no additional equipment to complete the procedure.


Excellent patient acceptance:

  At 3.2 mm OD, in most cases the is readily inserted without the need for dilation. Flexibility of the curette has been optimized to facilitate adaptation to normal uterine curvature, thus promoting contact with the wall for improved sample collection. The result is unparalleled patient acceptance with maximum sample yield.


Features and benefits:



  • No damage: multiple points negative pressure sampling, damage to uterine cavity caused by traditional curette is avoided  


  • Less bleeding: good material with flexibility and elasticity, negative pressure suction sampling with slight bleeding

  • Reliable: one for one, sample taken is reliable

  • Extensive clinical use

  • Proven to be extraordinarily safe

  • Depth markings aid catheter placement

  • 3.2 mm OD facilitates insertion, no need to dilate cervix beforehand, no hurt to patients

  • Sterile, single-use, no need to clean, ensures no cross contamination and hospital-acquired infection









OEM service offered. 


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