Manufacturer supply high quality nano 99% white boron nitride powder CAS: 10043 11 5

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Hexa-boron nitride

Executive standard: Q/TY.J08.04-2015
English another name: Boronnitride off white powder
CAS RN: 10043-11-5
1. Physical and chemical properties:
1.1 Molecular formula: BN
1.2 Molecular weight: 24.81(on 1979 international atom weight)
1.3 Structure formula:

1.4 Melting point: 3000℃(stable in the inert atmosphere)
1.5 Mohs′ hardness: 1-2.
1.6 Density: 2.29g/cm3
1.7 Solubility: Insoluble in water, slightly soluble in hot acid.
1.8 Properties: Hexa-boron nitride has excellent electrical properties of electrical insulating, thermal conductivity, corrosion resistance and good lubrication. It has the strong ability of neutron absorption. With chemical properties of stability, it has corrosion resistance to various inorganic acids, alkali, salt solutions and organic solvents. So does all melting metals. Physical and chemical properties unchanged under 1000℃. The temperature can reach 3000℃ when used in nitrogen and argon. H-type hexa-boron nitride powder is autoclaved to become white block, and easy to processing. Heat resistance temperature reaches 2000℃.

2. Technical indexes

≥ 99.0
≥ 99.0
≥ 99.0
≥ 99.0
≥ 99.0
≥ 99.0
≤ 0.4
≤ 0.4
≤ 0.3
≤ 0.3
≤ 0.3
≤ 0.3
Particle size (d50),µm
~ 3
~ 5
~ 10
~ 14
~ 19
~ 30

It has excellent heat resistance and oxidation resistance. Its original particle size is small, reunion size is large.
The properties of products reach or approach advanced international standards. As the particle size is uniform closed to polytetrafluoroethylene
High crystallinity. It is epigranular. High-purity H-BN has excellent properties of heat conductivity, insulation, lubrication, high temperature resistance and molten metal resistance.

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Ceramic Raw Materials

 Metal-formed release agent and metal-drawn lubricant. High-temperature solid lubricants, extrusion anti-wear additives, additives for the production of ceramic composites, refractory materials and antioxidant additives, especially for the corrosion resistance of molten metals, heat-enhancing additives, high-temperature resistant insulation materials.

Aluminum-plated Bag

Various laser anti-counterfeiting aluminum plating, trademark hot stamping materials, various cigarette labels, beer labels, packaging boxes, cigarette packaging, aluminum plating, etc.

Makeup Additive

Cosmetics for lipstick filling, non-toxic, lubricious and shiny.

Packing & Delivery

Aluminum foil bag with plastic bag, 1 kg net each.
Store at cool, dry and ventilate. Shelf life of 12 months, if expire, still used if up to standard through retest.
We have 10 years experiences of oversea transportation of chemicals and customs clearance, you will receive the
goods as fast as possible.

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