T20x10x10 Common mode chokes 2x1mh 3.3A soft ferrite core (62289898255)

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NameT20x10x10 Common mode chokes 2x1mh 3.3A  soft ferrite core.
Alternative name

chock coil,Toroidal Inductor, common mode choke ,

ferrite core inductor,ferrite inductor


Wide voltage and frequency range

Low-power consumption

Low-temperature rise


Customized designs and specifications are acceptable


Widely used in color TVs and LCD power supplies, computers,monitors, switches and other electrical equipment

High-frequency transformers


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Huzhou Careful Magnetism Co., Ltd. Lead soft ferrite core manufacturer for almost 30 years in this field. Annual sales over US$15 Million.Our advantages are better quality, better services,factory price,reponse within 24hs, enough productive power (1000ts/month)from 3 branch factories keep the good delivery time, annual sales over us$15million, still get growth every year. Our material covered NiZn, MnZn, Amorphous, windely used in industrial, electronics,machinery, like DIP/CHIP inductors, swich transformers, filter,choke coils..,and good research department accept customized special products, whatever small, big..., we are directly or indirectly provide products to WIK,SONY,PHILIPS,DELL,and so on, export countries all over the world, 

Our products include:

Toroidal core, Rid core, Drum core, Rod core,Clamp core(SCRC/SCNF),sleeve core(RH),EE core, EC core,ED core,U core,EFD core, ET/FT core,PQ core, I core,EPC core,Cut core, UY core, URS core,SQ core,EI core,RM core,PM core,ATQ core,EP core....

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