Modern B20 handmade 5 pieces of Kingdo cymbals set

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Artist · modern series is a new series of products designed in the style of qiandu cymbals.This series is defined as professional cymbals. The material of this series is made of B20 alloy (80% copper +20% tin).The processing technology is the traditional manual carding technology, and the artificial heavy hammer is added to make the hammer point.Adjust the overall tone color through heavy hammer, more cymbals itself to create a stylish appearance of personality.Compared with the full appearance of strength, its tone is warm and gentle.In the production process, the master craftsmen of thousands of degrees combined their many years of cymbals technology and modern cymbals new technology created this product.Is the current qiandu cymbals in the new series of a new pronoun.The department as a general cymbals, can be used as a professional level performance, also can be used for promotion performance.Drive music style ability is extremely strong.

Type Artist · modern series 
Size 14"+16"+18"+20" 

Rock, Pop, Fusion, Jazz, Funk, R&B, Reggae, Studio 






Heavy hammered point


Company Information

Kingdo Cymbals are a series of musical instruments produced by Jusheng Instruments Co. Ltd, a time-honored brand.

Founded in 1994, the then musical instrument plant used to be dedicated to making copper percussion instruments. Mr. Fan Guangjie.Jusheng Instruments has made outstanding contributions to the development of Chinese percussion instruments, especially cymbals. Not only does the company have a product range from single specifications to multiple series, it also satisfies the needs of various styles of performance. Now the products have developed from single specification to multiple serious, meeting different needs of various styles of performance.







Our Services

Our service principle is FESA standard:

Fine mechanical processing,natural lines;

Even hand hammering,extreme sound;

Strict quality control,quality assurance;

All-day service online,timely contact.

We are Kindo,quality products,fullservice.

OEM Service

Jusheng musical instrument is a professional copper percussion instrument manufacturer.We have the most high-quality raw material suppliers and skilled artisans to provide us with perfect service.We can accept customers' personalized customization of cymbals.We can provide you with the customized appearance of cymbals and logo according to customer needs.We will use professional manufacturing technology to provide you with professional OEM services.

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