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Manual On/Off Remote Control with Timer


 Fireplace remote control  with TIMER Function. It can Direct replacement for SKYTECH fireplace remote control,it can working with SKYTECH fireplace receiver.


This remote control  with Timer Function system provides a safe, reliable, and user-friendly remote control for millivolt valve gas appliances.  The system can be thermostatically or manually turned on and off with the transmitter.  Always check the appliance home owner’s manual for additional information, or warnings regarding accessory installation before connecting this remote control system.


Carefully inspect the contents for shipping damage. If any parts are missing or damaged, immediately contact the dealer from whom you purchased the kit.  Do not attempt to install any part of the kit unless all parts are in good condition.  Please keep these instructions for future reference. 







RCB11A Timer function  remote control




NOTE:Due to the sensitive temperature monitoring components in the transmitter,it is necessary to allow the transmitter to stabilize to room temperature before accurate room temperature are displayed, If the transmitter is activated from a severe cold condition allow 15 minutes for accurate temperature reading to appear on the LCD. 


Important Safety Information 

· Read this manual thoroughly prior to installing, programming or operating any remote control.

· This remote control system is designed for use with a millivolt or 24V gas valve system.  Do not use this remote control system on applications with voltages above 24 Volts AC/DC and 1 amp current.

· This remote control system requires two (2) “AAA” and four (4) “AA” alkaline batteries to power the transmitter and receiver.  

· Wiring must conform to appliance requirement and building codes/ordinances as required by local and national code authorities having jurisdiction.

· Do not short (or jumper) across the gas valve terminals to test the remote control installation. This could damage the unit and void the warranty.

· This remote control system should only be used as described in this manual.  Any other use is prohibited and will void the warranty.



· Easy Access Thermostatic Control

· Battery Powered Transmitter and Receiver

· Low battery Indication

· Child Proof Lock-out

· 16 Security Codes

· Quick Disconnect Wiring Assembly



Turn appliance OFF and allow to cool before installing or servicing.  DO NOT connect

110-120 VAC wiring to the millivolt gas control valve.  The remote operator must be installed exactly as outlined in these instructions.  Read all instructions completely before attempting installation.  Follow instructions carefully during installation.  Any modification of components will void the warranty and may cause a fire hazard.




Turn appliance OFF (at the appliance or remote receiver) if you are away from your house for a long period of time.  




The remote receiver may be wall mounted or installed in the appliance per the appliance homeowner’s manual. Refer to the Homeowner’s Manual for special installation instructions.  If wall mounted, the remote receiver must be installed in a junction box with cover plate provided.  Failure to follow the installation instructions found in the appropriate Homeowner’s Manual will void the warranty and may cause a fire hazard.


Installing Batteries: 

The remote receiver uses four (4) “AA”- size batteries.  To install batteries


1. Open the battery door by pressing the two tabs located on the door.

2. Install the batteries as indicated in the receiver cover.

3. Close the battery door until the door tab snaps in place.

4. To install the receiver into a wall junction box,  snap wall cover plate to the receiver and install the receiver with the screws provided to the junction box.

5. The batteries should be replaced at least once every 6 months or when the battery indicator flashes.


Connecting the Receiver to your appliance:


This system comes with an 22 inch wire assembly.  Insert the white terminal to the back of the receiver.  The terminal wire block can only be installed one way.  Do not force the terminal plug onto the receiver.  


Connect the wiring terminal two (2) ¼” female spade terminals to the appliance.  Refer to the appropriate Homeowner’s Manual for proper wiring connections to the appliance.  Your appliance may have other options to connect wiring from receiver.  Connect to the two (2) 1/4“ female spade wiring terminals.  Wire can be no longer than 20 feet.



Make sure that the wires do not contact the appliances any place other than at the terminals.  Exposure to temperatures higher than 250℉(105℃) may cause the receiver to malfunction or cause a fire hazard.



Installing Batteries:                                                                                                                                               

The remote transmitter uses two (2) “AAA” batteries.  To install batteries,

1. Press down the battery door and remove the battery door.

2. Install uses two (2) “AAA” batteries  batteries as indicated on transmitter.

3. Close the battery door by snapping in place.

4. The batteries should be replaced when the battery indicator display in LCD.

5. When both batteries are installed, the transmitter will initialize for 3 seconds and then is ready for use.


Setting Privacy (DIP) Switch on Receiver and Transmitter:


The remote receiver and transmitter privacy (DIP) switches are preset at the factory.  In the event of activation or interference from other nearby transmissions, reset the code using the following procedure:

1. Slide the code switches on the transmitter or receiver to your choice of ON or OFF position.  Switches  #1, #2,  #3 and #4 are preset to “ON” for both the transmitter and receiver.

2. The switches on the transmitter and receiver must match in order for the system to work.

3. To check, touch either the On or Off button on the transmitter and the receiver indicator light will blink.  If not repeat step 2.

4. The system is now ready to operate.                 



Do not use two (2) or more remote control systems  in the same area with the same dip switch settings,  as they will communicate with each other.  This may cause the appliances to malfunction.






The RCB11A Remote Control has two (2) operating modes: Manual and Timer.  

The transmitter will operate the remote receiver from 1 foot to a maximum of 30 feet. The distance is reduced when batteries are low or when the receiver is inside a metal enclosure.


 Initial start up:

1. After initial power up  the transmitter is reset.

2. During system reset, all features of the LCD will be visible. After one second, the LCD will be initialized. A typical reset display is shown right. After reset the transmitter is operating. The real room temperature is shown as right.


Manual Mode:

1. Press the”ON” button once to turn on the appliance.

2. Press the”OFF button once again to turn off the appliance.

3. Press”ON” andOFF” button at same time for 1 second to select between °C and °F display.


Timer mode:

1. Press the ”ON button to start the appliance    

2. Press the TIMER button.The LCD screen will show the word set.   

3.  Press the SETbutton until the desired time is reached (15min-180min.in15minute increments). The max setting time is 3 hours.

4. Press the  OFF button to turn OFF the timer, and the appliance




Low-battery detection:

1. When the battery voltage of remote less than 2.2V, the low battery icon will  appear on the  LCD screen. The battery will be checked every3 minute. If the battery voltage of remote is less than 1.5V, the remote will send the flame off command to the receiver and only low battery icon display on the LCD, 

Change the battery before the battery is too weak for normal operation.  TURN THE  UNIT OFF BEFORE REPLACING BATTERIES. 


Child-proof  protection:


1. Press and hold ”ON” andMODE” button at same time for 5 seconds to activate child-proof mode. The letters CP will appear in the TEMP frame on the LCD screen.  

2. The remote control will not work until child-proof mode is deactivated by pressing the  ”ON”andMODE” buttons at same time for 5 seconds again to exit child-proof mode.



The transmitter can be hung on a wall using the clip provided. If the clip

is installed on a solid wood wall, drill 1/8” pilot holes and install with the

screws provided. If it is installed on a plaster/wallboard wall, first drill

two 1/4” holes into the wall. Then use a hammer to tap in the two plastic

wall anchors flush with the wall; then install the screws provided.


Receiver: working with SKYTECH Receiver 

Slide Switch:

1. ON position: the system will remain on until the slide switch is placed in the OFF or RS position.

2. RS position: the system will only operate if the remote receiver receives a signal from the transmitter.

3. OFF position: the system is off.  The slide switch should be placed in the OFF position if you will be away for an extended period of time.   If the remote receiver is mounted out of children’s reach, the OFF position also functions as a safety device by both turning the system off and rendering the receiver inoperable. 




1. Light your gas appliance following the appliance lighting instructions that come with the appliance.  Confirm that the pilot light is on;  it must be in operation for the remote control to operate the main gas valve.  Appliance control knob must be in the ON position.  Appliance ON/OFF switch must be in OFF position.

2. Slide the 3 position button on the remote receiver to the ON position.  The main gas flame should ignite.

3. Slide the button to OFF.   The flame should extinguish (the pilot light will remain on).

4. Slide the button to RS (the center position), then press the transmitter to turn the system to ON.  The main gas flame should ignite.

5. Press the transmitter to turn the system to OFF.  The flame should extinguish (the pilot light will remain on).

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