7pcs of a Set C D E F G A B Yoga Meditation Sound Healing White Frosted Singing Bowl Chakra Quartz Crystal Singing Bowl Set (62393637992)

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What is a crystal bowl?
     Tibet has a kind of "heavenly iron pot" (also called songbo or songbo), which is made of seven metals: gold, silver, copper, iron, nickel, antimony and tin.Nickel and iron were taken from 'nickel-iron meteorites' but the proportions of each metal and the way it was made have been lost.Therefore, the 'crystal bowl' developed by later generations has the same effect as the tiantie bowl.The crystal bowl is made of very pure silica sand that has been melted and molded in one piece, because the effect of sound is less effective if there is a seam in the middle.

      Crystal bowl is purity up to 99.99% of natural quartz melting delicate and into the bowl shape. Using sheepskin rods or rubber tapping, or friction on the edge of bowl carefully, can produce cotton far long, clear the meridians acoustic energy, can be used to demagnetization, purification field, personal practice, the development of channels and collaterals, nadis, chakra, etc., is an excellent way to spiritual integration. Tones vibration frequency of the crystal bowl is very strong, function is very wide, can be used to clean body, eliminate turbid gas, through nadis acupuncture points not unobstructed, eliminate body pain, help people meditation meditation, purify the mind, release pressure and so on.Today, people are under increasing pressure, and stress is a major factor in many of today's diseases.Often listen to the crystal bowl issued by the voice, to alleviate anxiety, harmony of the body and mind, purification of the mind is of great benefit.Tibet has a kind of called "tiantie pot "(also known as singing pot or singing pot) of the dharma, is made of gold, silver, copper, iron, nickel, antimony, tin seven metals molten into.Of nickel and iron is taken from "nickel iron meteorites" but the proportion of each metal and the manufacturing method has been forgotten. Appear in the "crystal bowl" developed by later generations, and tiantie bowls have the same effect. Crystal bowl is made of pure silicon sand after melting, which is made, because if you have any joint in the middle, there will be no great sound.

How to use the crystal bowl :

      (1) before you begin to use the crystal bowl, please keep your mind calm, pray for good and keep your mind full of positive thoughts.(2) tap the rim of the bowl with the rubber or leather wand. This movement means to tap the bowl, and can be used to divide the circle into three equal parts (for example, 12 o 'clock,4 o 'clock and 8 o 'clock of the clock) to tap the three points clockwise or counterclockwise.(3) gently rub the upper edge of the bowl with a stick in a light and heavy way and a slow and fast way.The methods of friction include forward rotation and reverse rotation.Positive rotation is bringing in new energy,Reversal is the elimination of energy.(4) the rotating friction of the phonetic bowl is best to start and end from where it has a satisfactory meaning.

What are the functions and effects of crystal pot music?
(1) clean body:

If you are possessed by an external spirit, you can also use a crystal bowl with a mantra to drive it away with powerful energies.

(2) opening qi meridian acupoints:

If you feel that the air flow in your chakras is not very smooth when you are meditating or practicing meditation, you can use the crystal bowl to knock directly at that place.

(3) meditation:

Before meditation, we can use the crystal bowl. Although its sound wave is monotonous, it is easy to put our brain into the state of Alpha wave or even Theta wave.

(4) exorcism:

The strong high frequency sound wave, may these low frequency ghost shock the seven faint eight element, the unclean thing completely drives out!

If you clean up the energy in the room, plug in the stereo, put a crystal bowl on the music, it will be very effective.

     Crystal bowl music healing, as a method of voice therapy, by striking or friction crystal bowl particular frequency of sound and vibration, the effects on the human body, to the human body each viscera and organs of the vibrating frequency regulation, can direct effects on the body, in a short period of time allows the brain to produce a large number of alpha waves, enter a state of deep relaxation, stimulate the body potential, physical and mental aspects of self healing mechanism, regulate sleep and biological rhythms, supplement energy, meditation, deep relaxation, quickly replenish energy, alleviate pain, promote detoxification, purify the repair aura, improve the learning ability, memory, and improve work efficiency,Improve concentration and intuition, etc.

The friend that had listened to crystal bowl knows crystal bowl penetration is extremely strong, recording effect flies often good.The human mind is fixed, all sounds are quiet, meixinlun resonance bursts, eliminate any distracting thoughts.

The whole world becomes clear and clear, and the spiritual world seems to be repeatedly washed away by the sound of a bowl.Extremely relaxed and comfortable body, it seems that the freedom to sleep at any time.

Suitable for:

Yoga teacher, medical staff, SPA technician, music worker,

Brainworkers who need deep relaxation,

Stressed-out insomniacs and friends with spiritual needs

Mechanical Property
Reference Value
Mechanical Property
Reference Value
Refractive Index
Compressive Strength
Coefficient of thermal expansion
Bending Strength
Hot work temperature
Tensile Strength
The temperature for a short time
Poisson's Ratio
The temperature for a long time
Elastic Modulus
Shearing Modulus
Dielectric Strength
Moths Hardness
5.3~6.5(Moths Scale)
Dielectric Constant
Deformation Point
Dielectric absorption coefficient
Specific Heat(20~350°C)
Dielectric loss coefficient
Thermal Conductivity(20°C)
Typical Mechanical Property of Fused Quartz
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1.Q:Are you a factory or trading company?
A:Donghai kaiwang quartz Product Co.ltd is located in Donghai development zone,the silicon material centra in china.Founded in 2003,we are one of high-tech companies in Jiangsu,integration the design,manufacturing and marketing of super quality quartz.

2.Q:Where is your factory located? How can I visit there?
A:We are located inLianyungang, Jiangsu Province, throughvarious modes of transportationyou canreach here. Plane, trainorboat,youcan be veryconvenientround trip.We canarrange for you the detailed itinerary.

3.Q:What is the material of your products?
A:As a professional manufacture,we produce the gas refined quartz tubes,quartz ingots,quartz difused tubes,quartz lamp shells an apparatus which are widly used in field of semicongductor,solar power,photovoltaic,transparent quartz crucible, the quartz crucible, arc quartz crucible, quartz fiberrod,quartz rod,quartz plate, quartz sheet, quartz wafer,quartz heating tube, crystal tableware, Crystal ball.

4.Q:How can I get some samples?
A: We offer samples, but not free. For the cost of the company's system as follows:
1 )the sample fee If the customer desired product is our regular size, customers only need to pay the freight
2 )refined fee If the customer require customized products, we will add the freight on the basis of our production costs required

5.Q:How does your factory do regarding quality control?
A:A whole set of advanced equipment and detecting instrument have been brought in from Taiwan,Gemany,etc.and standard purification workshop has been built,all off which ensure thecapacity of mass production.The company has passed the ISO9001(2000) quality certification.With professional techical team,advanced management mode,precise detecting instrument and strong customer sercice consciousness,we are sure to provide customers with the high-quality quartz products and good service.

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