Quarrying Stone Manpower Hand Splitting Wedges, Shims and Wedges, Plug and Feathers

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Product Overview


Wedge And Shim Sets Diameter 14mm 16mm 20mm 24mm 32mm 34mm 38mm 40mm rock splitting wedges

Product Description

 General introduction:

Wedges and shims , it's also called Hand Splitter, Plug and Feathers, Feather Pair and Wedges. We can design the length and hole size and shape as customers' requirement. 

The Functions of Wedge and Shims Wedge is a kind of manual tools that uses manpower to impact the metal wedge into holes on stone, thereby split stone. It is mainly used in splitting cracked stone and arch stone which by utilizing a wedge set can be separated into smaller or standard stone blocks. Wedge can also trim relative large and irregular stone blocks. 

The Characteristics of Wedge and Shims 

1.) Mainly rely on manpower, therefore labor intensive, and have difficult working conditions. 
2.) Suitable for exposed ore, cranny-up growth efflorescence ore belt, particularly for naturally formed multi-free surfaces ores, and arch stones with one or two surfaces connected with original rock. Hence, wedge is a very effective and labor-saving tool, especially for mines applying small size of quarrying stone blocks. 

3.)Suitable for mining where lack of power,water supply. 

4.) Suitable for quarrying layered ores which are either horizontal or gently inclined, have layer depth around 1.5m. 

5.) Can apply desegregation and separation of large stone blocks quarried through other methods. 
6.) It is easy to handle with and maintains its value in mines of which have better rock fracturing 
performance and low mechanical level. However, the workload of leveling stone blocks is high which affect the finish rate. 

We accept the Sample OEM,size 16mm,20mm,32mm,34mm,40mm,42mm and so on



Scope of Application

2. Instruction for use:

Consists of a Central wedge and 2 wedges, first with quarrying dedicated drill holes in the hole to clear the residual powder, the two big wedge head-down, plane put in the hole, then placed upside the small wedge in the middle of the wedge. Finally, beat with a hammer.

A hole is placed a pair of wedge quarrying, the actual number use according to the workload of the decision. Usually the distance between the two holes about 10cm, depending on the actual use depending on the workload, it can be reused many times. 


3. Specifications of rock splitting Wedge and feathers 


Hole Size (mm)141620243234 38 38
Length (mm)125125190200270280425600




stone rock  wedge (6)stone rock  wedge (1)QQ20190816165739_conew10 (5)

Stone splitting wedge -z10Stone splitting wedge -z11

Packaging & Shipping

 About lead time and shipping time: 
The lead time depend on quantity of order. Usually big order shipped by sea, small order or
urgent order we can send you by air after received your agreement. 
According the distance from china to your port, usually from China to European about 25 days.
To West of American 20 days.



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