Газовый воздушный компрессор Suncenter с максимальным давлением 50 МПа (62432076200)

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Product Overview


High Pressure Gas Compressor
SUNCENTER-the globally professional manufacturer of high pressure air compressors, gas compressors, medium and high pressure
compressors,high pressure piston/reciprocating compressors, output pressure from 300PSI(2MPa) upto 7250PSI(50MPa),compress
air/agron/helium/nitrogen/Natural gas and so on,has been widely used in high pressure testing,hydropower station,military,seismic
and oil/gas petroleum industry. 

Pressure test with gas Gas transfer and filling
(Argon/Helium/Hydrogen/Oxygen/Nitrogen/CO2/CH4/LNG/LPG/CNG etc.) Charging of gas cylinder and accumulator with nitrogen Supply for
isolating gas systems Gas assisted injection molding Transfer of oxygen cylinders Charging of breathing air bottles Leak test
Hydrostatic Testing for valves, tanks, pressure vessels, pressure switches, hoses, pipes and tubing, pressure gauges, cylinders,
transducers, well casings, BOPs, gas bottles and air craft components

Natural Gas Compressor
Suncenter Natural Gas Compressors are very cost-effective for handling high volumes of gas in gas gathering, vapor recovery, and other applications. Natural Gas compressors are ideal in large volume/low suction pressure applications and to upgrade existing reciprocating compressor installations. Since they operate with few moving parts, low maintenance and high reliability are inherent in rotary screws.

•Skid with Market Proven US made Gas Ends.
•Versatrol Internal Bypass Valves(Option)
•VFD Control(Option)
•Wide Range of Capacity Control,Full Automatically.
•All Climate Design,Even For Tough Environment.
•Full-automatic control can realize the system running without anyone on duty.
•Adjustable Vi match the internal compression to the application requirement for maximum compression efficiency.
•6000V/10000V Explosion-proof Motor upon request.

Air/Nitrogen gas compressors
Suncenter air/nitrogen gas compressor with reliable compression bare blocks, modular design, various blocks and cylinders are optional; reasonable matching of compression stages and cylinder sizes according to compression ratio, ensuring each stage to be with low pressure ratio and low operating temperature. 

•Working pressure from 2 to 50MPa 
•Complete suction protection for real-time monitoring of intake pressure, discharge pressure and temperature
•Advanced pressure-bearing crankcase and condensate drain collection system for zero blow-by of the unit
•Fully automatic PLC control system for unattended operation of the unit
•A variety of driving methods, whether it is motor drive or diesel drive, both can ensure efficient operation of the unit
•Different discharge filter systems and dry systems are available to meet different purity and dryness requirements.
•Time-tested professional design, simple installation, no  require additional foundation.

Helium/Argon Compressor
High-performance compressor system for rare gaseousgases,compressing,purifying,storing,distributing and recovering.
Suncenter compressors are especially designed for the rare gas.The crankcase resist 2.5bar,prevent gas losses,and special blowby recovery  system is standard equipped.Low compress ratio and big size outlet of each stages is designed to reach low interstage temperature,and big capacity cooler is equipped for high compress heat of rare gas.
•1.5--7NM3/min 20--35MPa
•Air-cooled or Water-cooled cooler design, meet a variety of application requirements
•Diesel Engine driven upon request  
•Full Range Products for various demands
•The time-tested professional design.

The universal modular design bring more flexibility and simplicity for the adjustment of the piston , cylinder , cylinder head and valves with, so that we can provide customers with the most efficient and economical system. Our design features and advantages determine our unit able to withstand the test of time and get the user's approval.
•Easy to install and maintain
•Low maintenance and operating costs
•No special foundation requirements
•Pressurized crankcase to reduce the gas leakage
•High pressure
•Dynamic balance design
•Low vibration
•Low compression ratio and tempereture rise
•Suitable for continous or intermittent operating conditions
•Low speed in order to extend the service life

How to Select Suncenter Gas compressors?

In order to choose suitable model for you,please kindly reply us the following questions:

1.What is your present gas pressure?( )bar

2.What is the gas do you need to compress?Air,natural gas or nitrogen gas or other gases?

3.What is the max outlet gas pressure do you need?( )bar

4.What is the outlet gas flow rate do you need?( )Nm3/min

If you are interested in any of our products, please feel free to contact us.
We could also make the customized products according to your special requirements.

About Suncenter
Dongguan Suncenter Fluid Control Equipment Co., Ltd is the member company of Suncenter Group, which is located in Dongguan city of Guangdong province in China. With more than 15 years experiences in fluid pressure exchange and controlling field, we provide various kinds of high pressure booster pumps, systems and solutions to the customers all over the world. Due to our best product quality, competitive price as well as excellent after-sales service, we have win a great reputation in the field.
Our main products including:
High Pressure Booster Pumps ( Gas Booster Pump, Air Driven Liquid Pump, Air Amplifiers)

High Pressure Systems (Gas/Liquid Booster System,Gas compressors,Hydro test bench,
Chemical injection system,CO2/FM200 filling machine, Tube Expanding Machine)

High Pressure Test Equipment(Hydraulic/Burst/Hydrostatic test machine,Cylinder test machine, Valve test bench,Impulse Testing Machine, etc.)
Product Application
Oil Industry, Gas Industry, Chemical Industry, Fire Fighting, Research Institutions etc.
Our service
13 months’ free warranty since the purchasing date and free technical support during lifetime

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