high pure carbon flexible natural graphite paper foil (62472902463)

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Product Overview


Product Name
Natural graphite sheet
99.80% carbon
Heat dissipation
According to customer requirements
Heat resistant 1mm thick carbon graphite sheet foil
Natural graphite sheet is sintered with flake graphite and earthy graphite, and its carbon content reaches 99% ~ 99.99%. Oriented film: Graphite film using advanced technology to make high-purity graphite materials to regular orientation structure

Parameters of Natural graphite sheet                                                            

The thickness of Natural graphite sheet between 0.03mm ~ 5mm, and some parameters as below for your reference:

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* Excellent thermal conductivity: up to 500W/m·K 
* Lightweight: Specific gravity:  0.87 to 1.6 g/cm3 (30% lighter than aluminum, 80% lighter than copper in the same size)
High precision measurement standard during processing period 
Flexible and easy to be cut. (Withstands repeated bending)
Higher thermal conductivity than copper material
Product Usage
Natural graphite sheet on Smartphone
Pyrolytic Graphite Sheet (PGS) can deliver the heat, which is generated by the CPU/Flash chip on Cell Phones’ mainboard PCB, evenly to the Cellddle metal steel bracket and framework. Meanwhile the heat from the high heat-making CPU chip can be spread throughout the plane of graphite sheet rapidly. The part hot spots are eliCellnated and the chip can be kept in appropriate temperature range to get the high performance.  
Natural graphite sheet can be applied on Computer
The thermal and electrical properties of graphite sheet have very significant anisotropic properties. The diaphragm structure prepared by special process can obtain XY plane up to 1800W/MK thermal conductivity, Z-axis vertical thermal conductivity 20-30W/MK, which is common copper aluminum foil. 4-6 times, for notebooks, tablets and other products that require strict design space, the heat dissipation problem is the core. 
Other Applications

The Natural graphite sheet also can be widely used in PDP, LCD TV, Notebook PC, UMPC, Flat Panel Display, MPU, Projector, Power Supply, LED lighting and other electronic products graphite heat dissipation materials. Graphite heat dissipation materials have been widely used in communication industry, medical equipment and other heat dissipation.
Packaging & Shipping
Graphite Sheet Packaging: 
1. PET film covered--protection 
2. Use paper card to separate each layer. 
3. Standard export carton or customized.
4. Marked with customer's information or customized. 
5. QC Department will check in case the packing method isn't safe enough.
Graphite Sheet Shipping:
1. By courier, like DHL, UPS, FEDEX, etc. It is door to door, usually it takes 3-5 days to arrive at destination.
2. By air to the airport, usually 5-7 days.
3. By shipping, usually, it will spend 15-30 days to arrive at customer factory.
Company Introduction
DASEN is a high-tech enterprise engaged in R&D, production and sales of pyrolytic graphite, specialties graphite, die-cutting, silicone pad and plate ceramic membranes. The pyrolytic graphite factory is in Jiangxi; the specialties graphite is in Shandong; the silicone pad factory is in Jiangsu, and the ceramic membrane factory is in Anhui province. And the sales center is in Suzhou, Jiangsu.
Dasen Culture                                                                                                   

Corporate vision: lead innovation and services, help customers create competitiveness. 

Enterprise mission: cultivate talents and make dedication 
Business idea: people-oriented, customer first, continuous creation, pursuit excellence. 
Environmental policy: full participation, compliance with laws and regulations, treasure resources.

DSN adopt international authoritative quality system certification and safety system certification to ensure the quality and safety of customers. Such as: ISO9001-2015, ISO14001-2015, IATF16949-2016, UL: QMFZ8.E490087, and many product patents.
Dasen Partners                                                                                                 
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