Электронное реле перегрузки (EOCR), умный комплект для обучения схеме управления последовательностью (10000004905583)

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Characteristics of Smart Sequence Control Circuit Training Kit
① Anyone can work by using very safe DC 5V voltage instead of AC commercial power
② Various multi-function timer operation (ON, OFF DELAY TIMER, COUNT RELAY, etc.)
③ Setting time, time range, and output operation mode with simple operation
④ Connection of various sensors for IOT practice required in the 4th industrial revolution (WiFi, Bluetooth, ultrasonic sensor, infrared relay, etc.)
⑤ Operation test possible after assembling part of the sequence circuit
⑥ Virtual AC 3-phase R, S, T-phase output display LED built-in enables intuitive operation check and easy to spot unwiring and incorrect wiring
⑦ It is possible to work anywhere, even if it is not an existing practice space, and even the working time can be greatly reduced
⑧ Students can easily understand logical learning education and electrical control through after-school activities to prepare for national technical qualification
⑨ Dementia prevention education program for the elderly and practical training for electricians-related pre-professionals are possible
⑩ It is very economical as it can save up to 20 times the cost of cables wasted through practice.

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