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Factory have prepared microscope slides more than 5000 kinds, the types including:Botany, Zoology, Histology, Parasitology, Human Pathology, Embryology, Cell biology & Genetics, Microbiology.
Standard dimensions for each slides:
1" x 3" (25mm x 75mm),thickness:1mm.
Sample name is marked on each slide. Comes with a list of slides included.Highly transparent slides, no impurities, to observe the specimen clearly.


There are a total of 532 species of microscope botany slides, including algae, fungi, bryophytes, ferns, cells and tissues, root and root metamorphosis, stem and stem metamorphosis, leaves and leaf metamorphosis, flowers and Flower growth, embryo and fruit, seed, animal inheritance.

YHE010090 Simple columnar epithelium of Human sec.
YHE020220 Fibrous cartilage of Human sec
YHE010100 Simple cuboidal epithelium of Human sec.
YHE020230 Elastic cartilage of Human sec.
YHE010110 Pseudostratifed ciliated columnar epithelium of Human sec
YHE020270 Human bone grinding W.M
YHE010120 Simple columnar ciliated epithelium of Human sec.
YHE020250 Hard bone of Human T.s. (thionin-picric acid staining)
YHE010130 Stratifed squamous epithelium of Human sec.
YHE020260 Hard bone of Human L.s. (thionin-picric acid staining )
YHE010140 Epithelium cells of cavitas oris of HumanW.M.
YHE020300 Finger (foot) of Human L.S.
YCG020040 Blood of Human smear (RE)
YHE020280 Red bone marrow of Human T.S.
YCG020050 Blood of Human smear (stained with Giemsa)
YHE020320 Blood (TYPEA.B.0) of human smear
YHE020190 Loose connective tissue of Human sec.
YHE020350 Human toe bone l.S.
YHE020200 Adipose tissue of Human sec.
YHE020360 Human red bone marrow smear

WM(W.M): Whole Mount(Entire Specimen or Organism) LS(L.S): Longitudinal Section. A section cut lengthwise.Cut parallel to the longitudinal axis.
CS(C.S): Cross-Section.Such as a thin wafer of an Earthworm.Cut perpendicular to the longitudinal axis.
TS(T.S): Transverse.An alternative name for cross-section.
Sec : Section Sm/Smear:Smear Sq:Squashed preparation.


▶What is the difference between biological slices, mounts, and smears?
Biology is an experimental natural science. The main content of biology is the knowledge of the form, structure, and physiology of various organisms in nature. When students learn about the internal structure and microstructure of organisms, it is not easy to understand. If they can display vivid specimens in front of students, the problem will naturally be solved.
Slice: A flat thin part cut from an object, such as a leaf vein slice.
Mounting tablets: Mounted tablets taken from living organisms or directly made from individual tiny organisms, such as onion epidermal cells and human oral cavity cells.
Smear: A specimen made by applying a liquid specimen (such as blood, bone marrow fluid, etc.) collected from a living organism evenly on a glass slide, such as a human blood smear.
▶How are the products packaged?
This product has a total of two kinds of packaging box, plastic packaging box and wooden packaging box. Plastic box has a built-in sponge protection to prevent any damage during transportation or movements, and which effectively saves the product,the number of slide coding inside is clear at a glance,convenient to take. Wooden box has all wood structure, fine workmanship,beautiful and practical, conducive to long-term preservation of biological slides,Metal clasp lock is exquisite and stable, not easy to oxidize,the slot is even, and the slide is arranged neatly and fixed, to prevent friction or breakage.
▶What is your minimum order quantity?
The minimum order quantity is 1 piece, the more the quantity, the more preferential price.

Packing & Delivery

Packing instructions: This product is packed in wooden boxes and plastic boxes, and shock-proof sponge is used inside the box to prevent damage during transportation or movement.The outside of the box is made of explosion-proof foam and tightly packed with tape to provide multiple protection barriers for the product.

Product Process

This shop specializes in customizing various biological specimen slices,including the different usage categories of teacher demonstration and student experiment.Very representative, the varieties cover botany, zoology, microbiology, parasitology, histology, and human histology. It is a good choice for students to explore the microscopic world and stimulate interest using microscopes.

Company Profile

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Henan Weike international trade Co.,Ltd has become the country’s largest professional biological microslides、specimen production import and export,provincial high-tech incubator key enterprise、biological microslides in national colleges of higher learning、recoomended brand of specimen、import and export company domestic designated biological microslides processing and export,the company has passed IS9001;2000 quantity management system certification.Biological microscope slides include:botany, zoology, microbiology, tissue pregnancy,Cell biology and genetics, animal pathology, plant histopathology, human,histology, etc.Originated from education, service education, technological innovation, and integrity management.It is precisely because of our excellent corporate team, high-quality products, and superior after-sales service that the company's continuous development has been achieved.We satisfy users with strong strength and continuous research and development of new products,we sincerely welcomes you and we will serve you wholeheartedly.

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