Японский Вкусный запас, упаковка для специй, мгновенный суп

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Yamada-ya is also especially particular about udon broth, which is an essential element of delicious udon.
"Udon" does not only refer to the dough used to make the udon noodles but also includes the broth that goes into making the dish.
No matter how good the dough is, the taste of the noodles will be affected by the broth.
While it may appear to be an unremarkable part of the dish, the broth is in fact absolutely indispensable. This is the role of the broth in an udon dish.

<Yamada-ya's Bukkake Udon Broth>
Our bukkake udon broth is extracted from a tea bag-style packet that contains a combination of dried sardine flakes, dried mackerel flakes, dried bonito flakes, and kombu.
This versatile broth can be used not only for kake udon (plain udon) but also for oden, Japanese rolled omelet, egg rice porridge, miso stew, fried chicken, and a variety of other dishes.

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Product name
Yamadaya's Bukkake-Dashi soup stock 10 packets [packet type Dashi]
Brand Name
Udon Honjin Yamadaya
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Bringing the flavors of an ultra-famous Sanuki udon restaurant that attracts 4000 customers per day to the rest of the world!!

In Kagawa, the home of Sanuki udon, 3,000 to 4,000 people join the queue each day even on public holidays at our iconic restaurant in Japan.
Our restaurant has been highly rated on TripAdvisor and other travel and gourmet websites in Japan and abroad, and we have also been featured in international travel magazines.
In addition to our physical restaurants, our udon noodles that are pre-packaged for cooking at home or as gifts have been featured on numerous TV programs, websites, and in famous magazines.

You can purchase the Sanuki udon of Yamada-ya on Alibaba.
The Sanuki udon of Yamada-ya is produced at our company's own factory located on the premises of our headquarters to ensure that it maintains the same high quality as the noodles served at our restaurants.
Our noodles are also sold at famous department stores and high-end supermarkets throughout Japan.

Needless to say, this product has also been ranked No. 1 on Rakuten Ichiba, one of the largest Internet stores in Japan, in the "Back orders & Gifts" category on numerous occasions.

Our noodles are often selected as an ingredient for commercial use at high-end restaurants and hotels.
In recent years, individually packaged ready-to-serve udon that can be conveniently prepared for single diners without the use of water has become very popular.
This product was improved in June so that it can now be prepared in a microwave oven, a first in the industry.
Orders have been pouring in for this product from buyers and customers across Japan.
We specialize in a wide range of products, including products that can be stored at room temperature, frozen Sanuki udon that allows you to recreate the taste of udon served at our restaurants more easily, premium dashi stock, etc.

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