Predictive Maintenance IoT Solution ITS UYeG SE

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Product Overview


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Product Description



About the UYeG system


The UYeG system consists of software developed in Windows-based OS and motor protection relay.
It is an automated development tool applied to monitoring and controlling of any automation sites.

This software is installed in a computer or workstation connected to an automation device (PLC/controller) in the motor current field to monitor/control the status of each device or measured value/set value.
Everything you need for automation, in addition to the basic functionality of monitoring and control, can be solved with a single UYeG product.








It is used together with motors in smart manufacturing factories, construction, and facility management fields, and is defined as a technology-developed product for a critical failure pre-diagnosis system aimed at developing a predictive maintenance system that enables real-time monitoring and management.






1. Provides a total solution to protect and monitor motor current, voltage, wattage, temperature/humidity, ground fault, and short circuit at once

2. Optimal Products for Smart MCC Implementation

3. Power meter and UYeG products are integrated into a single device product, saving maintenance costs

4. Saving about 10% of energy through real-time current, voltage, and wattage measurement with the unmanned management system

5. More efficient maintenance and safety improvement of motors in industrial sites through fault waveform recording







Company Information


Company Information



1. Business Overview

- Just as potential diseases are identified by human blood flow, predictive maintenance is realized only through 'current flow'

- After collecting/analyzing/diagnosing current data for each facility, it allows the operator can build an intelligent/autonomous system of data that will become resources.

- In the long term, the current and leakage monitoring system at production sites is expanding to the entire city.



2. Core technology and differentiation

  • Core technology
    - Application of sensor using IoT technology optimized for industry

    - Big data, real-time monitoring system

    - Real-time data visualization


  • Differentiation
    - Response method: It is possible to respond and take actions before danger occurs via an alarm sounding.

    - Price/Quality: Integrated monitoring of not only current and voltage, but also temperature and humidity, amplitude, etc., proven to reduce cost and speed by more than 40 times.

    - Professional manpower: By issuing the system alarm, workers can easily interpret, respond and take appropriate action.

    - Applicable field: It is possible to predict the failure of each element independently such as machinery/piping, rotating machinery/electricity/instrument, and wide applications in a variety of industries such as petrochemical/automobile/shipbuilding/machine/food, etc.

    - Facility management: It is possible to extend the life of facilities and the environment through preventive maintenance and operation at the point of rapid or sudden occurrence of breakdowns and accidents such as installation failure.


3. Business model

- Profit is made by various projects; project-type, cloud-type, and monthly payment business models.

- Additional revenue from Data analysis reports and dispatching man powers in emergencies.

- UYeG was commercialized in 2016, has already delivered 4,000 units to Hyundai-Kia domestic and overseas factories and is registered as standard technology.
The accumulated sales revenue of the product is 10.85 billion won.


- Additional orders are in progress from our customers (Hyundai Motors Russia plant, Kia Motors India plant, etc.)

- Supplied our product to the companies that follow; Iljin NTS, SK Innovation, Korea Aerospace Industries, Hyosung, POSCO ICT, Kyungdong Navien, and Deoksan/ 32 public institutions (Seoul Transportation Corporation, KORAIL, etc.) and 53 private companies.

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